Kemenkominfo Builds Awareness of Online Selling in Eastern Indonesia

Twice, the Digital Adoption Talkshow in the Context of Increasing Market Access has been held in Papua and West Papua by the Directorate of Digital Economy (Ekodig) of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

The talkshow aims to encourage local community awareness with materials that are in accordance with the level of need in their respective regions.

Meeting the media crew, Friday (19/8) at the Office of the Directorate of Digital Economy of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Jakarta, Director of Digital Economy, Ministry of Communication and Information, I Nyoman Adhiarna, hopes that the activities that will soon be carried out in the third area, namely North Maluku, will be able to build awareness of MSMEs in the area. for Go Digital.

“We hope that the talkshow ‘Digitalization of MSMEs in the Context of Increasing Marketing Access’ will increase the awareness of MSME actors, especially in Jayapura, Sorong and later in Ternate in order to spur MSMEs to Go Digital or sell digitally,” he explained.

“MSME actors here are expected to be encouraged to sell online through digital applications because of the many benefits and conveniences that can be achieved from selling digitally,” said I Nyoman.

As is known, assistance and training are currently underway for 30 thousand MSMEs in 13 regions with the title MSME Go Online Scale Up.

In this assistance, MSME participants are divided into 4 categories, judging from the digital marketing literacy of each business actor.

Grouping of participants into levels beginner, observer, adopter and leader classifying the awareness and ability of MSMEs in adopting digital technology.

Thus, training and mentoring for SMEs Go Online will help MSMEs advance to class (sclae-up) to the next level.

Seeing that digital literacy is not high enough in Eastern Indonesia, the Directorate of Education and Culture feels the need to raise awareness so that MSMEs there will immediately advance to class and be able to penetrate the market digitally.

The development of the digital marketing world is very fast, it must be accompanied by an appropriate understanding so that MSME actors are not left behind with the progress of the times, and are able to compete with other regions.

In organizing talk shows, the Directorate of Ecodig always cooperates with various parties.

Service providers such as marketplaces, couriers, POS, AI are invited to jointly build MSMEs in the region.

The collaboration also involves related ministries such as KemenkopUKM, as well as local agencies. The collaboration also involves Baznas and Nu where these two organizations have assisted MSMEs that also need attention about digital adoption.

“We directly involve digital service providers, relevant ministries, local governments, and also organizations that are also concerned with the development of MSMEs in the region,” he said.

“With this cooperation, together, we will guard Indonesia so that Indonesia can quickly rise and recover from the shock of the pandemic and the slump in the world economy due to war,” concluded I Nyoman.

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Irwansyah Putra, Deputy for Ecobis Development of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs said that the implementation of digital marketing literacy programs for MSMEs is a real example of the struggle in national economic recovery.

“I feel proud to be in the midst of business people and people who care about the progress of MSMEs. Because MSMEs are one of the pillars of the national economy, various implementations that support the recovery of MSMEs are a form of real struggle to encourage the acceleration of the national economy,” explained Irwansyah. (RO/OL-09)

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