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Kemenkominfo and Cybercreat Invites Citizens to Pay Taxes Using Digital Applications

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) through the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi encourages Indonesians to pay taxes digitally at an online event titled Digital Literacy Chat Sale: “Paying Taxes, Must Understand Digital Literacy, Come on!!”.

The event was broadcast live via Siberkreasi’s YouTube and Facebook accounts recently.

Several important speakers who participated included the Head of the Tax Extension Sub-Directorate of the Directorate of Extension, Services and Public Relations of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), Inge Diana Rismawati, content creator Martin Anugerah, as well as the Coordinator of the #BijakBersosmed Movement and Founder HiPajak.id, Enda Nasution.

Taxes function as the main source of state income that will be issued to finance the construction and development of public infrastructure, which in the end can be useful and utilized by the people of Indonesia.

“Before understanding the benefits of taxes, we must know that taxes contribute 70% of the State Budget (APBN),” said Inge in a press statement, Tuesday (15/3).

“Last year, the Indonesian tax authorities collected as much as IDR 1,230 trillion for financing in Indonesia. However, this figure has decreased from 2019 with a total of IDR 1,330 trillion of collected taxes,” he explained.

Taxes are also used to fund various public sectors. Even so, during this pandemic, taxes are allocated for two priorities: national economic recovery and health.

“Please don’t be free rider. Do not ask for abundant facilities from the state, but when asked to pay taxes, there are thousands of reasons. Hopefully the Indonesian people, especially millennials, can appreciate the great benefits of paying taxes,” added Inge.

As content creator, Martin Anugerah shares his views on paying taxes. “I don’t mind paying taxes, on the contrary, I really want to pay taxes.”

“Because basically, taxes have to be paid, either up front or behind, meaning that if we don’t want to pay taxes, in the end we will be asked in any way,” said Martin.

“As long as the taxes collected are managed well by the government, I am grateful for that because we are the ones who benefit from taxes,” he explained

Pay taxes digitally

Today, paying taxes is easier than ever before. The current generation can take advantage of various digital applications to fulfill tax obligations, from recording, calculating, to tax settlement.

One of the various digital applications is HiPajak.id.

“Features are as easy as an app chat. For example, information is available about income, total assets, marital status, and the presence or absence of our children,” explained Enda.

“To use it, we just need to be familiar with the features chat. If we are able to use WhatsApp (application), then we can definitely use this application easily,” said Enda.

By using a digital tax application, combined with various digital features and IT infrastructure that has been developed by the DGT, paying taxes becomes more transparent and easier for the people of Indonesia. (RO/OL-09)