Keep Uploads, Digital Footprint Influences the Future

The digital world has a wide reach, not limited by space and time. Unfortunately, there are still many Indonesian netizens who are not aware that all activities in the digital world leave an impact on the future.

Nowadays everyone is free to express themselves on social media. Though the impact of the statement submitted must first be considered. Individuals with digital ethics will not write negative words and harm others.

“If what is written is considered detrimental to another party, it can have legal consequences. In addition, there is a digital footprint,” said the Mafindo Social Media Committee, Silma Agbas in Jombang, East Java, on Friday (29/7).

Digital traces are traces of data that are created and left when using digital devices. The digital footprint is one of the biggest threats to the younger generation on social media. Because, a negative digital footprint can affect their future.

Tweets on Twitter, Facebook statuses, photos and videos on Instagram, and YouTube videos. This data or information is a track record that is intentionally uploaded to the digital world.

“It is important to be careful with what we upload on the internet because it can be used to harm us,” said Silma.
In the world of work, based on an article uploaded by in 2018, there are several parameters used to assess prospective employees through their social media. Namely sentences that are often uploaded, photos, interactions made, and the circle of friends of potential applicants. (OL-12)

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