Kawachi Bankan, Sweet and Nutritious Oranges from Japan


Japan is known as a producer of premium fruit, one of which is oranges. From Ehime Prefecture, there is a sweet orange known as kawachi bankan. Oranges are also high in nutrients.

Ehime Prefecture, located in the northwestern part of Shikoku in Japan, is well-known as a center for producing Kawachi Bankan. Oranges are the pride of the Japanese people, which taste sweet, have a soft texture and are highly nutritious.

Ehime Prefecture is known as an area with extraordinary natural wealth. There is also Dogo Onsen, the oldest hot spring in Japan, which is also one of the cultural symbols in Japan.

Kawachi Bankan, Special Oranges from Japan Photo: Japan Today

Reporting from Japan Today (15/2) Ehime is the largest fruit-producing area in Japan. Kawachi bankan is the pride of the Ehime community. This orange has a dominant sweet taste, with a slight tinge of fresh sour taste.

This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and fiber. Bankan kawachi oranges are also low in calories, sugar and fat compared to other citrus varieties.

This orange enters the harvest period from April to July. In summer, everyone can enjoy this sweet and sour orange. But when it’s not harvest time, these oranges can still be enjoyed in the form of processed frozen fruit.

Kawachi Bankan has thick skin but can be easily peeled by hand. These oranges contain high amounts of glutamic acid, almost equivalent to lemons. In addition to being eaten directly, this orange is also suitable for removing the fishy smell of fish and chicken.

Kawachi Bankan, Sweet and Nutritious Oranges from JapanKawachi Bankan, Sweet and Nutritious Oranges from Japan Photo: Japan Today

Kawachi Bankan contains more auraptene than any other citrus fruit. These nutrients are believed to help prevent dementia and boost metabolism. So besides being delicious, this orange is also healthy.

Japanese people often process these oranges into dried fruit, mix in ice cream, jelly, jam to make orange sauce to complement the drink.

Ehime Prefecture has an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. This area also gets a lot of sunlight and is located in a highland area. Many fertile plants are planted in this area so that the main livelihood of the community is farming.

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