Just a few hours launched, Twitter’s new label ‘killed’ Musk

TWITTER, Wednesday (9/11), released a new gray label for a number of official accounts. However, a few hours later the label was immediately ‘turned off’ by Elon Musk.

“I killed it,” Musk tweeted, hours after the new label was added to accounts belonging to government as well as corporate and media accounts.

“I want to say that Twitter will do a number of stupid things over the next few months. We will defend what works and change what doesn’t,” continued the businessman who bought Twitter for US $ 44 billion.

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Musk’s abrupt change will send Twitter into a tailspin after it fired thousands of people and lost a large number of ads, worried about the social media platform’s new direction.

The cancellation comes as Twitter plans to introduce a new subscription system that will force accounts with blue ticks to pay $7.99.

Blue ticks are used to mark the authenticity of an account. Public figures and mass media are expected to refuse to pay the fee. Hence, this gray label was considered as a way to deal with that.

The launch of the official label began on Wednesday (9/11) and is visible on corporate accounts such as Apple and BMW as well as government accounts such as the White House and major mass media.

However, a few hours later, the label disappeared. (AFP/OL-1)

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