Jokowi’s Meeting Place with G7 Officials, Beautiful Resort Without AC

Elmau, Krun, Germany

President Joko Widodo attended the G7 summit meeting and met with world leaders in Germany. The location is in one of the most beautiful places in Germany.

This year, the G7 Summit was again held at the Schloss Elmau, a hotel located in Germany. Precisely its location is on the southernmost border of Germany, close to Austria. Indeed, this location is remote, but this area is one of the most beautiful places in Germany, you know.

As reported by DW, Tuesday (28/6/2022) it turns out that there are many reasons why the G7 Summit meeting was held again at Schloss Elmau. Previously in 2015, Schloss Elmau was also the chosen meeting location.

Jokowi meets Canadian PM at Schloss Elmau Photo: Photo: Laily Rachev – Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat

Each year, the location alternates between participating countries namely Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America. The last time it was held on German soil was in 2015 at the Schloss Elmau. Now, once again, the G7 is back in the same place.

Hotel Schloss ElmauHotel Schloss Elmau Photo: (Schloss Elmau dock)

There are several reasons why the hotel is hosting this historic gathering again. Firstly, thanks to its location in the southernmost part of Germany, close to the Austrian border, Schloss Elmau has beautiful views even though it is remote.

This hotel was built in 1914-1916. Many historical stories are kept by this hotel.

One of the most iconic moments with this hotel was when US President Barack Obama sat on a wooden bench while German Chancellor Angela Merkel was posing to show how big the world is or maybe show how big the bench is. Until now, the bench has become a popular photo spot.

Hotel Schloss ElmauHotel Schloss Elmau Photo: (Schloss Elmau dock)

This hotel had suffered serious damage in 2005 and was reconstructed again until 2007. Despite its remote location, this hotel has repeatedly won awards as one of the best accommodations in the world, you know.

Not Using AC

The hotel’s main building, Hideaway has 115 suites. Uniquely, the hotel rooms here are designed not to use air conditioning, you know. They use a refrigeration unit that is pollution-free, although it only produces a slight difference in temperature. They rely on fresh mountain temperatures of course.

From the design of the hotel, it looks like it was designed to welcome intimate, or big moments like the G7 Summit. Basically they live in a small hotel that only has 47 rooms. But each room has 5 rooms that can be used for the staff.

As for the hotel facilities, all guests can enjoy it, not only for the powerful or the rich. In fact, Schloss Elmau has several spa areas, half a dozen swimming pools (both indoor, outdoor and rooftop).

There is also a large Oriental Hammam where guests can relax, chat and drink tea or have a massage. Book lovers can also spend the day reading in the two libraries, or purchase their own book at the hotel bookstore.

Hotel Schloss ElmauHotel Schloss Elmau Photo: (Schloss Elmau dock)

Foodies will also be delighted, as there is a wide variety of dishes to choose from in the hotel’s nine restaurants. Most commended is Luce d’Oro, who has earned two Michelin stars.

Sustainable hotel

The hotel also boasts of its sustainability concept, one of which is not using plastic packaging in the rooms. Snacks such as candy or nuts are served in glass jars, which can be taken to organic stores around Germany and recycled for storage.

Also, about 20% of the electricity is supplied by hydroelectric power in the river that flows over the property. The rest is green electricity provided by utility companies.

The hotel is also fueled by combined heat and power generation which is mostly heated by waste wood. At the end of the year they will also no longer use gas.

If another G7 summit is held at Schloss Elmau in seven years, it’s likely the hotel will be even more environmentally friendly.

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