Jinan Laetitia Holds Metaverse Concert at Lokapala . Game

The game developer Lokapala, Anantarupa Studios, together with the label Warner Music Indonesia, presents an interesting concert experience through a game with a metaverse concept, featuring the talented female musician Jinan Laetitia.

The metaverse concert is titled Into The Svarapatha: Jinan and can be accessed until October 9, 2022 in the Lokapala game.

“I’m really excited because I can walk around while playing and experience concerts! Hopefully in the future the music industry and the game industry can have more new and fun ideas,” said Jinan Laetitia about her experience trying out the metaverse concert at the Lokapala game, quoted from a press release. , Friday (7/10).

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The trend of virtual concerts since the COVID-19 pandemic has been on the rise, usually concerts are held online through social media platforms.

Since the concept of the metaverse has become increasingly known to the public, the metaverse has also become a target for presenting a virtual concert experience.

Globally, for example, in 2021 Ariana Grande will present a virtual concert through the game Fortnite for its players to provide a more interactive experience.

The concert was well received with an audience of 27.7 million users.

Several music groups have also done similar things, for example, the BTS idol group concert in the Minecraft game and the Blackpink concert in the PUBG game.

The interactions and concert ideas that can be held in the game have no limits.

Musicians can actively explore to present unique and interesting concerts, while game developers can realize these ideas to present to the audience.

The collaboration between the two sectors turned out to be a promising collaboration. Reflecting on this, finally Anantarupa wants to realize the same thing for the Indonesian market by attracting musicians from the country.

“We want to present something that can make viewers or players not just watch concerts from their devices, and this can certainly be realized through games,” said Anantarupa Studios CEO Ivan Chen regarding the collaboration between Warner Music Indonesia and Lokapala.

Into the Svarapatha: Jinan is Anantarupa’s way of demonstrating the versatility of gaming as a digital platform capable of delivering immersive entertainment that blurs boundaries that are impossible in the real world.

This means that users don’t just watch concerts, but can also get an immersive experience through interactions in the performance that is being followed.

“We hope that this innovation does not stop here, but also continues in other digital worlds, where music is the most important part of the world.”
on any platform in the future,” said WMI Managing Director Triari Senawirawan.

As for Into the Svarapatha: Jinan, it is certain that it will be exclusively present in the Lokapala game and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS based phones. (Ant/OL-1)

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