Jet Commerce Collaborates with UPFOS to Boost E-Commerce Business Operational Efficiency

E-commerce enabler company Jet Commerce Indonesia has just inaugurated a collaboration with e-commerce service company, UPFOS.

This collaboration is carried out to encourage and accelerate business growth e-commerce Jet Commerce brand partners, strengthen the e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia, and support growth seller local through technology.

This inauguration certifies Jet Commerce Indonesia as an Authorized Channel Partner of UPFOS which allows Jet Commerce Indonesia to improve the efficiency of managing the e-commerce business operations of its brand partners and local sellers in various regions. marketplace by utilizing technology in the form of Marketplace Management System.

This system is considered to be able to simplify the management of orders, inventory, products, warehouses, to customer management through the same system.

Marketing Director of Jet Commerce Indonesia Agustina Putri Wijaya said that her party was enthusiastic about welcoming this collaboration as an effort for her company to encourage business growth. e-commerce partner brand-his.

“In response to increasing adoption e-commerce as a sales channel for brand and seller local communities who have contributed to tightening the competitive landscape in the Indonesian e-commerce industry, we see the need to scale up business e-commerce our brand partners by driving and accelerating their growth through technology, in order to win marketeach of them. For this reason, we assess that the UPFOS system can be a solution as an added value for our partners,” said Agustina.

As a service company e-commerce Based on SaaS (Software-as-a-System), UPFOS technology is here to simplify the complexities that occur in the e-commerce business management process through Marketplace Management Systemwhich is able to integrate the management of all sales channels simultaneously real-timeotherwise known as omnichannel.

Rudy Setiawan, Head of UPFOS Indonesia said currently shopping on line through e-commerce has become commonplace for Indonesian consumers. So it’s not surprising brand and seller local flocking to adopt e-commerce as a sales channel.

“However, managing operations and expenses for the business e-commerce efficiently is a new challenge emerging for local brands and sellers. For this reason, we see that this collaboration can open up opportunities for us to contribute to the development of the e-commerce industry ecosystem in Indonesia through our technology and the network that Jet Commerce has.”

As a system that functions to manage e-commerce operations, UPFOS’ Marketplace Management System is designed to suit the Southeast Asian e-commerce market which has many online shopping campaign periods each year, such as the Ramadan and Harbolnas campaigns in Indonesia.

This is because the UPFOS system is designed to be able to process up to 100,000 orders per day, with a high concurrency rate, up to
able to stably process up to 5,000 orders per minute simultaneously, thanks to the cloud computing technology used.
Apart from the stability of the system, UPFOS also makes adjustments to the very active Southeast Asian e-commerce market through the features it presents.

One of them is feature Auto Order Processing that makes it easy brand and seller local to process incoming orders from all marketplaces automatically, so they don’t have to manually confirm orders one by one.
During a special campaign period, local brands and sellers can also prevent overselling with this feature Lock Product Inventory, which allows to lock in the amount of product stock that will be sold specifically during the campaign period. The process of monitoring product stock becomes more efficient because the amount of product stock in the UPFOS system and in the marketplace is synchronized in a synchronized manner


Not only that, the UPFOS system also allows sellers to increase efficiency in product restocking and inventory management in warehouses. Through the Forecasting feature, the UPFOS system is able to provide recommendations for the number of product stocks that must be prepared based on the sales report of the previous period.

Meanwhile, with features Warehouse & Product Locationthe UPFOS system is also able to improve the efficiency of inventory management in the warehouse, because all product locations in the warehouse are recorded and can be tracked on the UPFOS system, so as to speed up the processing of customer orders.

As one of the brands that has pioneered its e-commerce business with Jet Commerce since 2018, the cosmetic brand YOU, which has won various awards as the best cosmetic brand in Indonesia, has also taken advantage of UPFOS technology to improve the efficiency of its e-commerce operations in various areas. marketplacesuch as Tokopedia, Shopee, and also TikTok Shop.

You E-Commerce Specialist Aprilia Nuzuly explained that along with the development of YOU’s e-commerce business, her party faced greater challenges from an operational perspective. For this reason, his party assesses that the presence of technology can simplify
complexity of business management e-commerceand provide space for YOU to focus on innovation and improving the quality of its products. (RO/E-1)

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