Jayaprana Temple, A Place for Healing Frustrated People because of Love


Travelers who are having problems from love to business, can come to Pura Jayaprana. It is said that those who pray there will be calmer after returning home.

In the West Bali National Park area, there is a temple as well as a tomb that is often visited by people from various regions. Not only from Bali, people from Java to Sulawesi also often stop by there to seek peace.

detik.com had visited this temple on Tuesday (17/5/2022) afternoon. To reach the temple, we had to climb hundreds of stairs which on either side were overgrown with coconut milk trees.

Although it is quite tiring, the scenery is so beautiful. The quiet atmosphere also adds to the serene impression.

Travel to Jayaprana Temple. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

When we got there, we met the Deputy Head of the Traditional Village of Sumber Kelampok, I Gede Ringin. He explained, in this temple there is the tomb of a figure named Jayaprana.

Jayaprana is a commoner who was adopted by King Kalianget. But unfortunately, he had to be killed because King Kalianget wanted to marry Jayaprana’s wife, Layonsari. Layonsari, knowing that her husband was killed, then also decided to commit suicide following her husband.

The love story of the two who are like Romeo and Juliet is so famous. So it’s no wonder, many people come there to ask for help if they have problems related to love.

Jayaprana TempleJayaprana’s tomb. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

For example, a husband and wife who are fighting ask that their domestic life be back in harmony. There are also young people who beg to be immediately met with their soul mate.

“The goal here is to pray, some people ask for sentana (descendants) for people who can’t have children, come here to beg to have children. Some people have a bankrupt business, begging, their business will run smoothly again,” said Ringin.

“Most of the people who come here are frustrated,” he continued.

Ringin also said, Pura Jayaprana is a gathering place for people of various religions. He said there is no compulsion for anyone who comes there to pray in a Hindu way. People are free to pray according to their respective beliefs.

“It’s not just Hindus here. Sometimes Muslims and Christians come here. Muslims who come here use the rules here (how to dress) but if they want to read Al-Fatihah, we welcome them,” he said.

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