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It’s So Rare, Buy This Mango The Queue List Up To A Thousand People!


It’s not just restaurants that have long queue lists. Fruit also has a long queue of buyers, even reaching thousands of people waiting for it.

The word ‘waiting list’ or queue list, is commonly used in restaurants to record visitors who have made a reservation, but have not yet been seated.

But it turns out that this queue list also applies to people who want to buy this rare mango. This mango is very exclusive, until it is claimed as the most hunted fruit in the world.

Reporting from the Daily Mail UK (21/03), this mango is known as Aplhonso Mango. The fruit, which was first grown in West India, has a characteristic juicy fruit, and a sweet taste that makes it popular in England.

Many luxury restaurants, to famous chefs who use this mango to mix food to dessert. No wonder the queue list of buyers who want this fruit reaches a thousand people in England.

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There is a reason why this fruit has a very long queue list. Because Alphonso Mango is only available for three months in the UK. From March to July. According to some observers, this fruit is predicted to sell more than 500,000 grains in just 12 weeks.

It’s So Rare, Buy This Mango The Queue List Up To A Thousand People! Photo: Site News

This is also confirmed by Jyoti Patel. Owner and CEO of UK-based company Red Rickshaw and FeastBox, known for selling some of the world’s hardest-to-find ingredients. Like this Alphonso Mango.

“Alphonso Mango has had a long journey from plantations, then to consumers’ plates in homes to Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK,” explained Jyoti.

Although grown in India, this mango is actually still a descendant of the Brazilian mango. These Brazilian mango seeds were then planted in India, and because of the differences in the mineral content of the soil in India. This Brazilian mango actually makes a new mango variant, namely Alphonso.

In contrast to other types of mangoes, which are usually freshly harvested and shipped before they are fully ripe. Alphonso mangoes must be harvested when the fruit is fully ripe.

This means that in a short time farmers and producers must send the fruit in a short time, before the condition of the fruit becomes rotten on the way. Therefore it takes a very expensive cost to send this fruit abroad.

It's So Rare, Buy This Mango The Queue List Up To A Thousand People!It’s So Rare, Buy This Mango The Queue List Up To A Thousand People! Photo: Site News

There is a special reason why this fruit can only be sent when it is ripe. Because of the special Alphonso mango, this fruit can only ripen in hot and dry air temperatures like in India.

Even before the harvest period, many producers or import fruit companies have already paid the mangoes to the farmers at an agreed price.

“In our own company, we have to look for the best farmers to work with, who we can ensure can provide us with the best quality products,” continued Jyoti.

Due to the short storage period, fruit companies or other producers do not dare to stock these mangoes in large capacities. So that very few people can enter the UK, even though there are quite a lot of mango fans.

Not only popular in England, until it was awaited by a thousand people. But this Alphonso mango has long been popular in India. Many Indians choose to eat this fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner because of its sweet taste and melt sensation in the mouth.

The price of these mangoes in India ranges from Rs 500 (Rp 95,000) per kg. While in the UK itself the price can be many times more expensive depending on the transportation costs imposed by the fruit importer.

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