It’s not legal to go to Singkawang if you haven’t tried Choi Pan


Singkawang’s cuisine is very diverse. There is one that must be tried, namely Choi Pan. It’s not legal to go to Singkawang if you haven’t tried this typical Chinese food.

Choi Pan is a kind of typical Singkawang snacks. This food, which is also famous throughout West Kalimantan, is made from steamed rice flour dough, then thinly molded like spring roll skin.

Then the thin dough is filled with sliced ​​vegetables, then served along with fried chopped garlic. Choi Pan is usually enjoyed together with sour and spicy chili sauce.

One of the best places to enjoy Choi Pan in Singkawang is at the Tjhia Family House. Inside the cultural heritage area, delicious Choi Pan is served that travelers can enjoy.

There are 3 flavors of Choi Pan filling that travelers can choose, namely yam, chives and bamboo shoots. The most famous and many ordered visitors who taste yam. But in my personal opinion, Choi Pan with chives stuffing is the winner.

Choi Pan from Singkawang Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

As soon as they arrive at the Tjhia Clan House, the traveler immediately orders the desired Choi Pan. Just mention how many Choi Pans are ordered to the waiter, then they will make it directly in the kitchen. Fresh!

That afternoon, we ordered 9 pieces of Choi Pan for 3 people. Each flavor of filling, we ordered 3 pieces. Within 15 minutes, 9 pieces of Choi Pan were already presented in front of our eyes.

Singkawang's signature Choi PanChoi Pan from Singkawang Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The shape of the Choi Pan is plump, indicating that the chef is not stingy in pouring the filling. One Choi Pan is only priced at IDR 2,500.

Don’t forget to eat Choi Pan along with the sambal. Once the first bite into the mouth, the pleasure is extraordinary. The chili sauce that complements Choi Pan is really spicy, but it makes the dish even more special.

“It tastes good for the sambal, and there are lots of fillings. It doesn’t disappoint here,” said Iqbal, one of the visitors.

Choi Pan Marga Tjhia has been around since 1979. Before selling like now, they peddled Choi Pan around. This Choi Pan stall opens at 07.00 and closes at 19.30 WIB.

While the Tjhia Family House itself has been around since 1902. Travelers can take Choi Pan culinary tours plus historical tours here too!

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