It’s fun to fry fish, these netizens are surprised to get a free bonus that makes them laugh


Being busy capturing the cooking activity of frying fish in hot oil. These netizens were surprised by the free bonus in the wok that made them laugh out loud.

There are many funny incidents while cooking, one of which is when frying fish in the kitchen. There are just unexpected events that make people laugh, to the point of losing their appetite.

Like the story shared by TikTok user from Malaysia @sue_ramly (01/03), he shared an unforgettable experience while frying fish in hot oil.

“Oh God, I was really surprised when I picked up the fish, suddenly there was a lizard. Where did this lizard come from?” asked Sue, who had already lost her appetite.

In the short video, it can be seen that Sue is engrossed in frying her fish in a frying pan with hot oil. But when he turned the fish over, he found a free bonus in the pan.

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A lizard submerged in hot oil next to a fish. The lizard was suddenly in Sue’s pan, until Sue herself was not aware of the lizard’s presence.

Fish Fried Fun, Netizens Surprised To Get Free Bonus That Makes Laughs Photo: TikTok @sue_ramly

In response to the free bonus when frying fish, many netizens gave hilarious comments. Starting from funny comments, to comments that are grateful for getting additional side dishes.

“Thank God, the fries have increased,” commented @kn ***.

“This is the real name cireng, aka fried lizard,” wrote @use**.

“I’m really sorry for this lizard, swimming and falling in the wrong place. But maybe the fish need friends, really friends for life,” joked @mo**.

“Just give the fish to the cat, now the lizards are eaten with sambal and fresh vegetables so it’s good. Not bad, this is a delicious free bonus,” concluded @seb**.

So far, Sue’s free side dish videos have been watched 400 thousand times. Get 53.4K users and 3.1K comments.

Not only lizards, previously there were also mice that jumped and swam in the pan which was still filled with used frying oil.

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