It’s fun to eat again. Netizens are surprised to find maggots in their goat satay


Order food to eat at home so people’s choices. But many people accidentally find a surprise in the form of maggots in their food.

Since the pandemic, people are more comfortable ordering food via online applications, or wrapping food and eating it at home. These foods, of course, vary, from main dishes to sweets.

But there are also many netizens who are already uneasy, and order food in less clean places, so that the food is filled with maggots that make you sick.

Like the experience shared by TikTok user @nyemmil (09/02). In his short video, Nyemmil shares the reason why he is tired and even traumatized and doesn’t want to eat satay anymore.

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“The reason I don’t want to eat satay anymore,” he wrote.

In the short video, it can be seen that he is eating goat satay, with soy sauce seasoning added with sliced ​​cayenne pepper, tomatoes and shallots.

At first glance, there is nothing strange about the appearance of this satay. The satay meat was cooked perfectly, and the portion was also quite a lot

However, when Nyemmil’s camera shot the outside of the goat meat, dozens of maggots were seen squirming and running on the satay. If the eye is not observant, it may at first glance look like there are no maggots in the satay.

It’s fun to eat again. Netizens are surprised to find maggots in their goat satay. Photo: TikTok @nyemmil

Unfortunately, Nyemmil had already eaten the two skewers before realizing that the goat satay was contaminated with a large number of maggots.

This video immediately went viral, and was liked by more than 103 thousand users. Many netizens are afraid and are reluctant to eat satay again, after seeing the maggots in the satay ordered snack.

“It seems that people eat very carefully, don’t you know. I don’t know if I must have been hap (eat),” commented @pi**.

“If it’s like this, does the satay taste sour, doesn’t it? Seriously, I’ve been asking a lot since yesterday,” continued @novi**.

“So goosebumps, where do I usually when I eat satay I never observe,” said @she**.

“But how come when the satay is hot, it’s burned, when there are caterpillars. Maybe it’s been a long time since you left the order, there are flies,” continued @nel**.

To answer the concerns of netizens. The owner of the @nyemmil account explained that he did not get the maggot satay from the restaurant, but from the event or celebration he attended.

“Hi everyone, so I got the satay from a celebration event. Don’t worry if you buy it outside, maybe there aren’t many cases like this. Stay safe and keep healthy,” ordered @nyemmil.

Previously, there were also many similar unfortunate stories experienced by netizens while eating food. Starting from eating chocolate cockroaches as a bonus, to eating fried food free of sharp nails.

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