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Invited to eat at a friend’s house, this woman is surprised to be asked to pay


One woman was shocked, when she was asked to pay some money by her friend. After that his friend invited him to eat at his house.

Inviting friends to eat at home is definitely a common thing and is often done by people. Of course, as an invitee, various foods are served free of charge. But this woman’s experience was different.

A Twitter user named Amber Nelson experienced the opposite. Reporting from Times Now News (15/03), Amber shared that she was surprised when her friend asked her to pay her food bill when she was invited to eat.

It all started when Amber was invited by her friend to eat at her house. Then after Amber came home, her friend sent a food bill of USD 20 (Rp 286,000).

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The food that Amber eats is home-cooked food, which is not purchased from restaurants or restaurants. Amber admitted that she only ate a serving of penne alla pasta, which is a home-cooked meal, and a glass of vodka at her friend’s house.

This is Good Etiquette when Treated to Eat by Friends Photo: iStock

“They suddenly sent Venmo (e-wallet) and asked me to pay USD 20. This makes me reluctant to accept invitations again in the future,” complained Amber, who couldn’t believe it and felt strange that she had to pay for the food.

Amber’s tweet went viral, and many other netizens shared similar experiences.

“Honestly this happened to me last week. So there were some friends, and the host asked us to pay for the food he served,” said one netizen.

“So there was one friend who invited me for dinner, and he didn’t even offer me a drink at all. Since I didn’t bring any alcohol, I thought maybe it was because I was being rude. Came to their house without any wine or food. So I just sit there and drink water while he makes Manhattan (cocktails),” another netizen wrote.

Many netizens also mentioned that Amber’s friend’s behavior was quite strange, and made the situation awkward.

“Honestly it feels weird and awkward and disrespectful? How can they ask for money so casually, do they ask for money straight away, or are they small talk first?” asked one curious netizen.

“If I invite people to dinner, they don’t need to bring anything. I’ve prepared everything. From appetizers, main course, drinks to dessert. People who don’t act like that when hosting, fall disrespectful, ” concluded another netizen.

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