Internet History, When Did You Start Entering Indonesia?

INTERNET is no longer a foreign term for the ears of modern society. This is because almost all aspects of life today have a strong connection to the internet. This network has also proven to be very useful for connecting many people from various regions without borders, ranging from across cities, provinces, countries, and even across continents.

Then since when did the Indonesian people enjoy internet network services that introduced the virtual world? Here’s the explanation.

Internet history for the first time

The history of the internet first began in the 1960s. Starting with the creation of Arpanet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Uniquely, in the past, the internet was only used for military purposes. Over time, the public can use the internet.

The beginning of the emergence of the internet in 1969. At that time the internet was just a computer network created by ARPA. ARPA is part of the United States Department of Defense. The project was named Arpanet.

The project obtained findings on how UNIX-based computer software can be combined with hardware (hardware). Therefore, its developers began to realize that it can help humans to communicate remotely over telephone lines.

After that, in 1986 the domain name system was introduced to the public or what we currently know as DNS alias Domain Name System. DNS serves to equalize the system of naming addresses on a computer network.

Starting in 1990, Arpanet was disbanded but the internet continues to grow until now. Then in 1993, it became the momentum of the internet to be known by the public, marked by the emergence of a choice of websites.

In 1994, the internet began to enter Indonesia and was used by the public. At that time, IndoNet became the first commercial ISP in Indonesia which became the forerunner to the emergence of other internet access services in Indonesia.

The history of the internet in Indonesia

According to Onno W. Purbo in his book on Information and Communication Technology, the history of the internet in Indonesia initially began in the 1990s. At that time, the internet was more commonly known as the Paguyuban Network.

Some names who have contributed greatly to internet development in Indonesia, among others, are M. Samik-Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Firman Siregar, Adi Indrayanto, and of course Onno W. Purbo. The period of internet network development in Indonesia occurred around 1992 to 1994. Each of these figures almost contributed through their expertise and dedication in building computer and internet networks in Indonesia.

Internet slowly began to experience a fairly good development. Thanks to the services of several previous names, the first ISP service in Indonesia was launched under the name Ipteknet in 1994. In the same year, PT IndoInternet or IndoNet which was led part-time by Sanjaya was successfully established and operating.

IndoNet itself is actually the first commercial ISP owned by Indonesia. Initially, IndoNet used a license from PT Lintas Arta. At that time, the initial connection to the internet from IndoNet was done using the dial-up method. (OL-14)

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