Interesting! These are 8 Exciting Zones in Tebet Eco Park


Tebet Eco Park is a new destination that is a favorite of tourists. There are 8 interesting zones that can be visited.

Citing the official website of Tebet Eco Park, Taman Tebet was renamed Tebet Eco Park. The facilities and appearance also become more beautiful and have an attraction for tourists.

Here are 8 exciting zones that travelers can explore at Tebet Eco Park:

1. Infinity Link Bridge

Tebet Eco Park Photo: (Tebet Eco Park)

This orange bridge connects the park in the north and south which were previously separated by Jalan Tebet Timur. Standing six meters high, this bridge sits between towering existing trees.

Thus, the bridge seems to be embraced by a lush green canopy. Well, this spot can also be used as a place for photos for travelers.

2. Community Garden

Tebet Eco ParkTebet Eco Park Photo: (Tebet Eco Park)

Community Garden is a zone designed for the surrounding community as well as a place for local communities to grow crops. The reuse of this seedling land into a gardening community zone is expected to increase the value and usability of the land for the surrounding community.

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