Instant Baremetal Cloud Computing Services in Tier-4 Data Centers

NOW enterprise or startup customers with large workloads and transactions and running mission-critical applications, such as customers in the financial, insurance, health, public sector, energy, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors, or those running big data applications can enjoy baremetal cloud services instant service provided by IDCloudHost in a tier-4 data center, DCI Indonesia. Previously, customers had to buy and provision their own servers as well as rent racks and set-up in the data center they chose.

It can also be service customers from cloud providers who only provide access to virtual machines, serverless functions, storage managed by software, and other computing resources. The customer himself cannot interact directly with the hardware while the customer’s workloads and applications are operating.

In collaboration with DCI Indonesia, IDCloudHost provides instant bare metal cloud computing services to customers who need operational environment support with a tier-4 data center class. Tier-4 data center has the characteristics of being fully fault tolerant and has redundancy for each component with an uptime of 99.995%.

“With instant baremetal services from IDCloudHost, customers can enjoy tier-4 data center service support from DCI Indonesia without having to buy and invest in server equipment, rent racks, or install and setup device systems, or their own security infrastructure. Instant baremetal services from IDCloudHost can be activated in a short time, 10 minutes by the customer,” said Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, CEO of PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia, also known as IDCloudHost.

The young man who is familiarly called Alfi explained more about the benefits of IDCloudHost’s Instant Baremetal service. “With this service, customers only need to pay a monthly rental fee to use a dedicated server that is equipped with an operating system. It is suitable for companies with critical mission applications and developing startups. Baremetal cloud computing services are flexible and can be activated at any time, because they do not share resources. computing power it shares with others Customers also have full control over their bare metal performance They can get the most out of their computing performance In other words customers will have access to almost the same resources as if they were hosting on servers in their own building ,” Alfi explained in a written statement, Wednesday (9/11).

On the same occasion, DCI Indonesia welcomed the collaboration with IDCloudHost. “We welcome the collaboration between DCI Indonesia and IDCloudHost and are delighted to be able to support IDCloudHost to provide bare metal services by providing high-performance tier-4 data center infrastructure. DCI Indonesia provides reliable data center infrastructure services, cloud and carrier-neutral, as well as global standards for our valuable customer and partner data,” added JC Gani, Director of Sales & Marketing, PT DCI Indonesia.

To subscribe to the Instant Barematal cloud service from IDCloudHost, customers can visit the website Baremetal’s cloud computing service solves several problems such as control issues, high workload jobs, and security levels. Enterprises have more control over their physical infrastructure with a baremetal cloud service than a typical virtual machine service. Most workloads run faster on bare metal than they do on a hypervisor.

Some types of work can only be performed on a bare metal server, such as those requiring direct access to hardware such as video rendering. With a baremetal cloud service, this process can be executed in the cloud. Baremetal cloud services are more secure than other cloud services because multiple customers are running virtualized services hosted on the same physical server. (OL-14)

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