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Instagram Has New Moderator Feature for Live Events

Instagram announced a new feature for moderators that can manage live broadcast activity on the platform.

“We understand the importance of a positive virtual space for Instagram users, especially creators, and we hope that creators can focus more on the quality of content shared at Live with this new feature,” said Instagram Asia Pacific Communications Manager, Putri Silalahi, in a broadcast. press, Saturday (12/3).

Users can choose who they trust to moderate during a live Instagram Live, regardless of whether that person is a follower or not.

The moderator is in charge of supervising live broadcast activities in order to address bullying and harassment that may occur during the activity. Users selected as moderators can report comments and remove annoying viewers.

Moderators can be selected in two ways, firstly by tapping the three-dot icon in the comments column, then adding a moderator. Tap confirmation to designate someone to moderate that Instagram Live.

The second way, tap the “call-to-action” button when the broadcast is live, the screen will switch to the audience sheet. The user can select an audience and add it as a moderator.

The person will get a notification that he is appointed as a moderator. He would be at the top of the audience and be labeled “moderator”.

While on Instagram, moderators can report comments or turn off comments. Actions can also be retrieved from the viewer sheet by tapping the three-dot icon next to the username.

Users can remove moderators at any time during the event. Moderators can also step back from the role by tapping their username in the audience sheet and selecting “stop moderation”.

This feature rolled out globally on March 11, users in Indonesia can already use a moderator. (Ant/OL-12)