Influencers Awkarin and Jerren Lim Ready to Create a Mental Health Digital Platform

The issue of mental health in Indonesia which is getting hotter seems to have succeeded in making influencer famous, Awkarin was moved.

After several times having mentioned about mental health, The celebgram with the real name Karin Novilda then issued a statement that caught the public’s attention.

Karin stated that together with Jerren Lim, a mental health advocate who graduated from the University of California (UC) Davis would create a platform mental health called DMC Movement, @digitalmentalcoach.

birth platform Digital technology that works on mental health issues is based on the same interest between Awkarin and Jerren Lim on the issue of mental awareness in Indonesia which is still very minimal.

Last Friday (25/2), Jerren did Instagram live along with Awkarin and other influencers, dr. Jiemi Ardian, Sp.KJ who is also a psychiatrist from Siloam Hospital, Bogor.

As is known through via platform www.jerrenlim.com, The advocate who currently resides in America is a graduate of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Not only that, Jerren also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California (UC), Davis, United States.

Behind his profession as an advocate, Jerren is a borderline personality disorder or better known as borderline personality disorder.

The mental disorder experienced by Angelina Jolie and Ariel Tatum prompted her to major in psychology in 2019 and she managed to finish it in just one year!

Yes, in just 5 years, this advocate has successfully completed four majors in college. Unmitigated, he has also been awarded the title of Dean’s Honors List thanks to his achievements.

Although until now Jerren still lives in the US, the founder of ND Talk is starting to dive into the world influencer Indonesia since 2021. Apart from his Instagram account, Jerren also talks a lot about mental health issues through YouTube and TikTok.

On several occasions, Jerren has collaborated with a number of other mental health influencers, such as @jiemiardian, @diaidawidia, @bennysiauw89, and @anassatriyo.

In his statement, Jerren stated that his approach to mental health was evidence-based approach, or an approach that is based on scientific research and is biological in nature.

According to him, there is no difference between mental health issues and physical health issues. Because, basically both have a basic diagnosis.

Past platform @digitalmentalcoach and ND Talk, Jerren stated that he wanted to stigmatize mental health issues in Indonesia and hoped that he could educate the public about the biological basis of this issue. mental health.

Because, he considers that the stigma on mental health in Indonesia is still very thick.

He also mentioned an influencer with 11 million followers and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology who once said, “You are beautiful, you are tall, you have a good body, if you are depressed, you insult the martabak seller in front of my house” to a survivor. eating disorder and depression.”

He sees this statement as a form of normalization body shaming. The use of this very insensitive sentence shows how bad the understanding of mental health in Indonesia is.

Therefore, Jerren aspires to make DMC a platform with tags “supporting, educating and providing service to empower people living with the challenges of mental health disorders”, became the largest mental health platform in Indonesia.

It is also hoped that the merging of the metaverse and mental heathcare concepts can be obtained in this one platform. So that later people can do therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist virtually.

The application of the mental health system that he has studied a lot in the United States will also be carried out in the next few years.

Via upload Insta storyLast Friday (18/2), Awkarin also stated that there are still many Indonesians who underestimate mental health issues. So, through this DMC platform, he and his colleagues want to be able to help raise the issue of mental awareness in Indonesia.

“So I had a chance to meet @jerrenlim about a month ago. He is a mental health advocate living in the United States who graduated from @ucdavis with two majors, namely biochemistry and molecular biology, and two minors, namely neuroscience and human physiology.

“During our conversation, we discovered that we have very similar interests, namely to raise the issue of mental health awareness in Indonesia,” he said.

“We feel that many people in Indonesia still underestimate mental health issues. Since then, we have agreed to create a mental health platform to raise awareness of mental health issues,” said Awkarin.

“And… @digitalmentalcoach was born, a platform born from our hearts for human welfare,” he explained. (RO/OL-09)