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Increase Customer Trust, IFG LIfe Launches Digital Services

PT Asuransi Jiwa IFG (IFG Life) has officially launched LIFIA, a digital-based service as a manifestation of IFG Life’s commitment to serving and building closeness with “LifeFriends”: a warm greeting to all IFG Life customers and the wider community.

Virtual Assistant Customer Care which is named “LIFIA” which stands for LifeFriends Assistant which will assist in providing maximum service.

The mention of LifeFriends itself means that IFG Life is ready to be a good friend in providing protection at every stage of the progress of the lives of its customers and the community, in accordance with IFG Life’s tagline, namely “Protecting Life’s Progress”.

This tagline can also be interpreted that IFG Life as a company that prioritizes customers (customer centric) will always prioritize optimal service.

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LifeFriends through LIFIA can get information every day and around the clock (24 hours).

The services and solutions that LIFIA can provide include product information, how to pay premiums, claim terms, and the location of the IFG Life service office. LifeFriends can also provide ratings, criticisms, and suggestions for services and products to LIFIA – IFG Life.

“The presence of LIFIA IFG Life is a concrete form of our commitment through an innovative approach and the use of technology (WhatsApp Business) to provide the best service for our customers,” explained Iskak Hendrawan, Director of Operations and IT* IFG Life, in a press statement, Friday (18/3).

“In addition to being able to be used to provide services more effectively and in real time. Criticisms and suggestions given by LifeFriends to LIFIA – IFG Life, we will evaluate our services and products in the future,” said Iskak.

According to Iskak, when viewed from the business aspect, the existence of WhatsApp Business also very profitable.

Platforms This can be used as one of the company’s promotional media that is effective and efficient and can be disseminated to a more targeted audience.

“LIFIA still needs to be widely introduced. Since the day of its launch on March 14, 2022, LIFIA has provided services to 7 (seven) LifeFriends, and thank God the feedback so far has been very positive,” he said.

“If before closed case reach 80%, with the help of LIFIA the figure is expected to reach 100% per day. Once again, the goal is that customer satisfaction will increase in line with the efforts of a customer-centric approach,” added Iskak.

WhatsApp is an application chat which ranks the most users globally with more than 2 billion active users.

In Indonesia, active WhatsApp users reach 84.8 million (June 2021). The large number of users makes Indonesia a country with users WhatsApp third largest in the world. ( third-largest-di-dunia).

With a very large user database, IFG Life hopes that LIFIA presence services can provide service solutions cost-effective that can reach most levels of society.

To get service WhatsApp Business chat IFG Life, customers can call 0811-1372-848.

“As a red and white company that was presented to solve the problem of transferring the Jiwasraya policy, the presence of WhatsApp Business IFG Life will also make it easier for former Jiwasraya policyholders to get information about the policy transfer process,” said Iskak.

The policy transfer process is still ongoing. As of March 16, 2022, policy transfers have reached 67.84% or 156,255 policies that have been transferred, with the value of benefit payments reaching Rp2.9 trillion.

IFG Life is committed to completing the transfer of this policy by utilizing funds from the State Capital Investment (PMN) with full caution. (RO/OL-09)