In this house BJ Habibie was born, studied, and dreamed of building an airplane


In this house, BJ Habibie was born and spent his childhood. In this house BJ Habibie built his dream of making airplanes.

The house is in Parepare, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), precisely on Jalan Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie, Ujung District. The 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia Baharuddin Jusuf (BJ) Habibie was born there on June 25, 1936 ago. It was in that house that he first dreamed of building an airplane.

Little Habibie’s dream in the house was later achieved, so he was nicknamed Mr. Crack, for successfully introducing a way to calculate crack propagation at random or crack propagation on random on airplanes down to the atomic level. This theory became known as the theory of crack propaganda or also known as the Habibie theory.

Until now, every memory of Habibie’s childhood is still neatly stored in the corner of the house which is now a museum in Parepare.

“Mr. Habibie’s memories are stored in every corner of the house on Jalan Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie. The information is that Pak Habibie often makes paper airplanes there. When he hears the sound of airplanes he is overjoyed and runs from inside the house. I want to build an airplane,” said Head of the Cultural Division of Parepare Education and Culture, Mustadirham, to some time ago.

BJ Habibie Museum. Photo: Muhclis/detikSulsel

Mustadirham explained that the house was the official residence of Alwi Abdul Jalil who at that time was a landbouwconsulent or equivalent to the Head of the Agriculture Service in the City of Parepare at that time. The area of ​​the house is 942 square meters.

“In this house Pak Habibie also played with his friends at that time. He often played marbles and liked to play gandrang bulo,” he explained.

In addition, there is a tree in front of the house where BJ Habibie played and climbed when he was a child. Unfortunately, the tree has been cut down because it is the location where the BJ Habibie Museum was built.

“Pak Habibie, when he came, pointed to the tree in front of the house. He said he often climbed it,” he explained.

He added that currently there is no longer a collection of furniture left by BJ Habibie’s house in that place. Previously, there had been beds and cupboards. However, it was taken by Usman Ballo’s family who had lived in the house.

“There is a bed and a closet for Pak Habibie’s family in Pak Usman Ballo’s family (independence fighters). In the past, Pak Usman Ballo’s family used to live in and they also moved when they moved house,” he explained.

They are currently trying the process of lobbying the Usman Ballo family to be able to submit the collection. If it doesn’t work, a replica will be made.

“We want to ask, but for example, if we can’t do it, then we just make a replica,” he said.

The Story of Looking for the Birth House of BJ Habibie

The author of the book Mr. Crack from Parepare, Andi Makmur Makka tells the story of the process of finding the house where BJ Habibie was born. He once asked when Habibie was alive if there was any desire to buy the house.

“My emotional connection is to the house where I was born. Not for me to own and be a place to live again, but to be used as a technology demonstration museum for young children. mine that can be displayed,” said Habibie, who Makmur Makka remembers.

Makmur finally found someone who had also been with BJ Habibie’s family while in Parepare. From the figure named Andi Tima, he appointed the house of the Head of the BNI Parepare Branch (now on Jalan Alwi Abdul Djalil Habibie) as the home of BJ Habibie’s birth.

“Tima’s mother said that the house on Jalan Bau Massepe (now Jalan Alwi Abdul Djalil Habibie) was the house her parents built. When the housewarming event was held there was a puppet show there,” she explained.

From BJ Habibie’s Birth House to a Museum

After going through a lobbying process with BNI, the office house was finally owned by the Parepare City Government in 2019. Makmur admitted that Habibie had visited the house in 2016 and then.

“He, according to some people, still remembers a room, that’s where his room used to be. The Parepare City Government then managed to get the house and is now turning it into the BJ Habibie Museum,” he said.

BJ Habibie Museum.BJ Habibie Museum. Photo: Muhclis/detikSulsel

Head of the Cultural Division of Parepare Education and Culture, Mustadirham, added that the condition of the house had not been changed from the last condition. The museum is built separately from the house.

“We didn’t change the house. But, we added a two-story building in the yard. The museum has two floors and measures 20 meters x 12 meters,” he said.

The construction of the museum will be carried out in 2020 and completed in 2021. The APBD budget is IDR 3.2 billion.

Currently the Parepare City Government is still coordinating with both BJ Habibie’s son, Ilham Habibie and the Indonesian Presidential museum to bring in BJ Habibie’s collection.

“We are still in the process of bringing in his personal collections such as hats, as well as clothes while serving other Indonesian Presidents. We have asked the Indonesian Presidential museum because there are collections there,” he explained.

As for being officially opened for visitors, he admitted that the permit process is currently in progress. While waiting for collections from BJ Habibie.

“In the meantime, we are registering it as a museum and to become a museum, there must be a collection. We are currently finalizing all of this,” he said.

Previously, the Mayor of Parepare, Taufan Pawe said that the Baharuddin Jusuf Habibie Museum of Parepare City would later be filled with a collection of pride and a number of BJ Habibie awards, the construction process has also been completed.

“The construction of the museum itself has been completed, and we will immediately arrange it to later function as a museum which will later be filled with various collections, awards and Habibie’s personal items,” he said.

Taufan said that according to the results of the discussion with BJ Habibie’s son, Ilham Habibie, this museum will also be used as an educational facility for the community.

“In accordance with the results of discussions with BJ Habibie’s son, Ilham Habibie, he wants this museum to be a means of education so that in the future it is hoped that it will produce new thinkers for the progress of the nation and state,” he said.


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