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In the midst of a pandemic, the use of the E-Learning System is becoming increasingly important

COMPANY edutech enabler from Indonesia Codemi on Monday (7/3) officially announced the launch of Codemi Learning Annual Report 2021.

Codemi Learning Annual Report is a year-end report created to provide knowledge for the public, Codemi users, and industry practitioners learning and development regarding system usage e-learning to companies in Indonesia.

This report was created based on the Codemi database of more than 50,000 learners.

Respond to launchn Codemi learning annual report, Codemi Co-Founder and CEO Zaki Falimbany, said “Codemi learning annual report 2021 is a insight that can be used by companies and the public to understand the conditions of use of the system e-learning in Indonesia during 2021.”

“Over the past 2 years of using the system e-learning become increasingly important given the social restrictions due to the pandemic, this increase then became our impetus to publish reports on system usage e-learning during 2021 to become insight for the public and industry players regarding the system e-learning in Indonesia,” said Zaki in a press statement, Monday (7/3).

During 2021 it is interesting to underline that the onboarding process is the most widely created learning topic by companies.

This indicates that during 2021 the company is quite active in the recruitment process which shows the normalization of economic and business conditions in 2021 so that it is possible for the company to return to carrying out business processes with normal capacity.

In addition it is important to remember that the topic onboarding nor is it only created for the needs of new employees.

The technology adaptation process also then resulted in companies to start introducing various protocols, and new technologies to adapt to the situation.

Via Codemi learning annual report 2021, Codemi wants to provide an overview of learning activities in the company during 2021, including which employees from groups and levels learn the most, learning topics that are taught the most, what forms of learning are carried out, and various other learning activities carried out through Codemi LMS platform.

“We certainly hope that with Codemi learning annual report 2021, can help industry players learning and development and human resources in Indonesia in understanding the application and role of the system e-learning in the process of employee development,” concluded Zaki. (RO/OL-09)