Huawei Receives an Award from the Secretariat of State

ICT solution provider Huawei received appreciation from the Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia (Setneg) for its involvement as a strategic partner of the SETNEG X program which will run from 12 July 2021 and close on 25 March 2022.

The award was conveyed by the Minister of State Secretariat Pratikno to the Vice President, Director of the Board, Huawei Indonesia Ken Qi at the SETNEG X Innovation Awards at Gelora Bung Karno Senayan, Jakarta.

SETNEG X is a program that aims to strengthen and expand innovation to encourage an innovative organizational character.

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In addition, this program is also to facilitate cross-unit innovators to realize simpler, faster, and more reliable work processes through various innovative solutions.

Practico said, in the current era of digital disruption, it is imperative for all, including organizations, to become more adaptive and continue to learn in order to remain relevant and competitive in the dynamics of rapid change and ever-changing challenges. Innovation, especially in technology, is a major factor.

“In terms of innovation, we need to continue to learn from the younger generation, digital natives, to survive and rejuvenate. We thank all stakeholders in the ecosystem from industry and communities, including Huawei Indonesia, who supported the implementation of the SETNEG X program. We hope that the innovations that occurred during the SETNEG X program can be replicated on a larger scale so that it can be more attractive for investment,” said Practico.

Welcoming the appreciation from the State Secretariat, Ken Qi said the trust that has been given to Huawei to be involved and support digital literacy programs organized by the State Secretariat, including the SETNEG X program, is a tribute to his party. In addition, Huawei’s involvement is also a form of long-term commitment that has been confirmed since it first appeared in Indonesia more than 22 years ago to continue to support the progress and big vision of Indonesia to become a country with the world’s leading digital economy in 2045.

“Through this opportunity, we also want to reiterate that Huawei is always ready to collaborate with all stakeholders in Indonesia to improve literacy and HR skills in the digital field. We are ready to transfer knowledge in the fields of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cyber ​​Security, to 5G technology,” said Ken. “In addition to helping spur human resources to innovate, Huawei’s support for the SETNEG X program is part of our commitment to contribute to the creation of 100 thousand Cakap Digital Human Resources within a period of 5 (five) years which we have launched 2 (two) years ago.”

Ken added, in order to accelerate its targets and commitments, Huawei Indonesia currently has the most complete training facility in the Asia Pacific region, namely the Huawei ASEAN Academy located in Jakarta which is ready to be used by various parties to improve skills and knowledge in the ICT field.

SETNEG X is managed collaboratively by the Secretariat Team for the Acceleration of Innovation (SETNEG AI) by involving various parties as strategic partners. In this program that carries 4 (four) pillars, namely Inno Community, Inno Dojo, Inno Web, and Inno Program, Huawei has been trusted to provide webinars and ICT training on the topic of Big Data, Cloud and Cyber ​​Security. The training was held to further improve the digital literacy of SETNEG X participants. (RO/OL-1)

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