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Hoyalux iD MySelf Glasses Lenses with Advanced Technology

EVERY person has their own uniqueness that no one else has, including in expressing and fulfilling their vision needs. Hoya has presented Sync III with a special design to answer the challenges of the digital era. Now Hoya presents an ultra premium progressive lens product, namely the Hoyalux iD MySelf.

The Hoyalux iD MySelf is an ultrapremium progressive lens designed from a combination of the latest technological breakthroughs and personalization innovation. Like clothes made by tailors, the Hoyalux iD MySelf lenses are made and adapted to ensure optimal performance to support a variety of user activities. Hoyalux iD MySelf comes as a solution with the best personalization approach in progressive lenses.

As the name implies, MySelf premium lenses can help users to be able to express the best version of themselves. The application of 3D Binocular Vision, Adaptease, Integrated Double Surface Design, and Binocular Harmonization technologies realizes the ultrapremium performance of progressive lenses.

3D Binocular Vision technology significantly minimizes distortion areas, such as super dynamic activities outdoors and indoors, especially digital activities. Natural vision with natural posture in 3 dimensions. Adaptease technology expands vision in all areas, especially the intermediate vision area for users of digital devices, thus providing a fast and easy adaptation process for users of progressive lenses.

Integrated Double Surface Design technology not only improves the aesthetics of the visual aids, but also causes minimal eye movement for the best vision. Binocular Harmonization technology accumulates the work of two eyes to achieve sharp vision even though there are differences in the size of the correction in the two eyes.

In addition, Hoya is a pioneer in the use of 3D Binocular Vision Technology in this lens product. With this technology, the shaking and swimming effect that common progressive lens users have been complaining about can be maximally overcome. This provides convenience for Hoyalux iD MySelf users, ease of focus, and minimizes areas of distortion and shake effects.

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Lens Expert PT Hoya Lens Indonesia Marco Djukin said that this premium lens can work optimally in supporting various activities and giving an expression that everyone is unique with their own personality and lifestyle, and now that expression can be described through the best progressive lenses. “Every pioneering technology that is present in this product creates an overall comfortable vision that is highly desired by progressive lens wearers, especially when they are active in the modern digital world using gadgets,” concluded Marco. (RO/OL-14)