How to Remove Red Lines in Word

WHEN using Microsoft Word, we often see red or green lines in every word we write. The red line is one of the features already in the Word application. This feature has a proofread name which is useful for seeing if there are mistakes in words or sentence structure or not.

The red line that appears indicates there is a word or sentence error and strangely this line will appear in many of your writings. Actually this is not too surprising because the proofread you are using is in English, while you are writing in Indonesian.

If you want this red line not to appear again when you use Microsoft Word, here are some ways to get rid of the red line.

1. Removing the Red Line in Word Through Settings

• The first step is to open the file that you want to delete the red or green line.
• Then select the File menu and then Options, which is located at the bottom.
• Next select the Proofing sub-menu which is on the left of the Options menu.
• Remove the check mark in the Check Spelling as you type column to remove the red line.
• Finally, uncheck the Mark grammar errors as you type column to remove the green line.

2. Eliminate Red Lines in Word with the Review Menu

• Block or select all paragraphs or you can press Alt+A which you will delete the red line.
• After that, click the Review menu, then, Language, and Set Language Proofing.
• Next, uncheck the Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar column to remove the red and green lines in Microsoft Word.

3. Remove the Red Line in Word 2010

• First select the Language menu and then Set Proofing Language.
• Uncheck the Do not check spelling or grammar option.
• Don’t forget to select the language that is adapted to your writing, then click the OK button.

4. Download Indonesian

As we know that Indonesian is not available directly when you install Word. Therefore, you have to download it yourself. Simply by typing in Google Indonesian proofing tools office 2016, later your top choice will immediately lead to the Indonesian language download site. After that, you just need to double-click on the download and agree to install it.

5. Remove the Red Line in Word Mobile

• Open a Word file, then enter editing mode by selecting the pencil icon located at the top. Then, select the triangle icon in the lower right corner.
• After that, move to the Review menu section.
• Click the Proofing and Language menu.
• Click the language you are writing in Word.
• Click the check box in the Hide All Proofing Marks column.

Those are some ways you can do to get rid of red lines in Word. (OL-14)

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