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How to Download Instagram Reels

DOWNLOAD Instagram Reels to the gallery can be the right option if we want to enjoy watching video content repeatedly without consuming a lot of internet quota.

Moreover, to do so, we can use various methods that can be chosen according to convenience, ranging from without the help of third-party applications to using one of the products available at the official store.

Reels has indeed become a very important place for Instagram users in the current era. We can find various kinds of short video content which is very interesting to watch.

It’s just that like short video services like TikTok and SnackVideo, this special Instagram feature unfortunately doesn’t provide a Download button so we can’t just save the contents to the gallery.

Those of us who want to enjoy content from Reels offline must also take another way. Fortunately there are many ways to do just that.

No App

1. Open Instagram

2. Login with the account you have

3. Search for the Reels content in question

4. Open the content

5. Tap More (three dots icon) in the right menu bar

Choose Copy Link

1. Open a browser

2. Visit the https://en.savefrom.net/ page

3. Click Continue in the browser if needed

Paste the successfully copied link into the Enter the URL field

1. Press the Enter key

2. Wait until the page produces the desired video

3. Click Download MP4 if it appears

1. Follow the instructions according to the browser you are using

There are many video download services that can be used to save Reels content to the gallery. One of them is savefrom.net which supports a wide variety of platforms from social media to dedicated streaming sites.

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Besides savefrom.net, we can also download Reels to the gallery using https://igram.io/. How to use it is almost the same where more or less we only need to enter a link to the column provided and then press the Download button.

Using the App

1. Open Reels content

2. Copy the link using the menu in the More section like the previous review

3. Install the IG Downloader app

4. Open the app

5. Click Continue to agree to the service policy

6. Tap Allow if a request for access to storage appears

7. Scroll down and click Got It if the instructions for use appear

8. On the main page, the download process will take place automatically

9. If not, click Paste Link

10. Click Download

11. Wait for the download process to complete

The IG Downloader application is quite interesting because it also has some interesting support such as Audio Extraction to separate songs from videos, Batch Download to download multiple times at once, to Copy Caption to copy the description.

Whether using or without using the application, downloading Reels is indeed very easy to do. But don’t share it carelessly out of respect for privacy and the efforts of the creator. (OL-4)