How to Check the Latest Indosat Number

Did you know that there are still many people who forget their own phone number. Sometimes, because the number of numbers in the phone number makes them forget or reverse calling their own phone number.

In fact, your phone number is very important to use, especially when we want to top up credit or internet quota packages and a cellphone number is still needed as one of the requirements for filling out administrative documents.

In Indonesia, one of the cellular operators that is still widely used by the public is Indosat. This provider has several excellent cellular cards that offer a variety of services for its users. For example the IM3 Ooredoo card.

Well, for those of you IM3 Ooredoo card users who often forget your own number, here are some ways you can check your own number.

1. By means of UMB Dial

• Open the phone application on your smartphone.
• Before using the UMB dial service, make sure your signal is full and not experiencing interference.
• After opening the phone application, the phone board will generally appear. Its function is as a means to enter several code numbers and telephone numbers.
• On the dial pad, you can type the code number *123*30#.
• Then tap call or call, which is usually symbolized by a phone icon.
• Wait a few moments, until your Indosat IM3 Ooredoo number information appears on the phone screen.
• If you have, you can immediately record the number and save it in your phone’s contact data.

Just a note, you can use this method to check your Indosat number. However, if there is a new policy or the code changes, you should first read some important things when buying an Indosat IM3 Ooredoo starter pack.

2. By Using the MyIM3 Application

• The first step, the MyIM3 application must be installed on your smartphone.
• If you have logged in, on the main page of the application there is information about the Indosat IM3 Ooredoo number.
• You can write down the number and save it in your mobile contacts.
• Keep in mind, this method will be effective if the situation you are already logged into the application.

3. By means of the official site

• Open a browser application or browser on your smartphone. For example Opera or Google Chrome.
• Then in the address bar, type the address of this website
• The next step, you will see a column that must be filled with the NIK and KK numbers.
• Type the correct NIK and KK numbers in the column.
• After that, tap Im Not Robot under the NIK and KK column.
• Wait a while until the check mark appears.
• Then press the Check button.
• Then, after a while, information about your Indosat IM3 Ooredoo number will appear.

4. By means of customer service

You can check your Indosat IM3 Ooredoo number by contacting customer service. You don’t need to worry, because this Indosat call service operates 24 hours. The following contact customer service can be contacted:

• Matrix Ooredoo postpaid card can call contact number 111 (free).
• IM3 Ooredoo and Mentari Ooredoo prepaid cards can call contact numbers 100 or 185 (each call costs Rp 400).

Those are the various ways that can be done to check Indosat IM3 Ooredoo numbers. Hopefully this review can help if you forget your own number. It is recommended that if you can’t memorize your own number, it’s better if the number is directly recorded in each other’s cellphone contacts or saves the card number after activating it. (OL-14)

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