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Hotter! Chef Davin ‘Holywings’ Now Challenges Chef Juna ‘Duel’ in the Kitchen


Starting from criticism chef Juna over the food ordered from Holywings, his feud with chef Davin still continues. This time the challenge of greatness in the kitchen appears.

Ordering food, of course, must be prepared with the taste of the food or the conditions that are not suitable. Including food providers who also have to be prepared with comments and criticisms given by their customers.

The feud due to food criticism occurred between chef Juna and chef Davin from Holywings. Starting from chef Juna’s criticism regarding the food he ordered from Holywings via Instagram Story, the two of them continued to feud.

Chef Juna’s criticism, who was disappointed with the quality of the food that came from Holywings, was greeted by chef Davin, who did not accept his criticism. Chef Juna even wrote that the ‘Spicy Korean Cheese’ waiter should leave the kitchen.

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As a result of chef Juna’s criticism of the food from Holywings, Chef Davin challenges him to a ‘duel’ in the kitchen. Photo: Instagram/bydonchino & Instagram/junarorimpandeyofficial

“Don’t worry, if you don’t do anything wrong, there’s no need for clarification, let alone talking in front of the camera. I’ve never made any clarifications in my life, I’ve always tried to avoid being interviewed by the camera. Point is if you can’t take the heat, get off from the kitchen,” wrote Chef Juna on Instagram Story (14/3).

It turns out that chef Davin, who still has not received the criticism, is still continuing the feud between the two. Through uploading Instagram and Instagram Story (18/3), chef Davin even challenged chef Juna to ‘duel’ in the kitchen.

“Again! I 100% accept that my food is commented on, as long as the comments are clear! That’s all! As a fellow actor in the culinary industry than the news is getting wild everywhere, let’s end it professionally in the kitchen. @junarorimpandeypfficial,” wrote chef Davin.

Then the upload made many people hotter and waited for the fight between the two professional chefs. Mentioned directly in Instagram Stories and photo uploads, chef Juna certainly raised his voice regarding the challenge.

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Hotter!  Chef Davin 'Holywings' Now Challenges Chef Juna 'Duel' in the KitchenIgnoring chef Davin’s challenge, chef Juna answered cynically. Photo: Instagram/bydonchino & Instagram/junarorimpandeyofficial

“Still crowing over there. I don’t need to prove everything to everyone. It’s been a long time coming. If you really still need that, I feel sorry but it will be your encouragement. Keep going, do what you think is good (caterpillar rises) leaves) and get a name for yourself,” wrote chef Juna in his Instagram Story upload (18/3).

Until now, the two chefs still cannot be contacted by detikcom for questioning regarding the response to the feud. Meanwhile, many netizens filled the comments on chef Davin’s Instagram upload.

“It’s cool to finally meet in the boxing ring,” wrote the Instagram account @gerrygirianza.

“Isn’t it normal? If people don’t like the food served? People’s tastes are different, right? Where have you also tried really good food but after eating in a new place, B,” wrote the @cnalvi account.

“Please do a shokugeki (cook fight) at Holywings and all the judges who judge that if the food is good, the clothes must be torn.” write the account @christoporus.adi.k.purba.

In the last upload of chef Davin’s Instagram story (19/3), it was even stated that one must be able to accept a ‘junior’ figure, both in terms of age and duration of a career in the same field. Chef Davin also mentioned that if you always think that your juniors can’t face their seniors, it’s someone’s naivety.

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