Hot weather is really nice to relax eating ice cream, come to Alam Sutera


Hot weather is perfect for relaxing in a cool place while eating ice cream. Come here, come to Alam Sutera and relax while eating a variety of flavors of gelato.

Travelers in and Tangerang are you feeling hot these days? Same, detikcom too. You definitely want to eat something fresh and cold while still enjoying the day even though Lebaran is over.

Well, one of the interesting places that a traveler can visit is this ice cream shop in Alam Sutera. His name is Vilo Gelato. The location is on Jl Alam Sutera Towncenter 10J No 5, Tangerang.

detikcom had come to Vilo Gelato Alam Sutera and this place was full of ice cream connoisseurs. This square building with glass-dominated walls is indeed viral and has been widely discussed on social media such as Instagram and Tiktok.

Vilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Rahma, one of the visitors there admitted that she knew Vilo Alam Sutera from TikTok. Together with his friends, he also visited to relax and also take pictures.

“It’s from TikTok. The place is beautiful too, yes, for photos. Many choices of flavors as well as gelato,” said Rahma.

What’s interesting here is that a traveler can take it himself whichever ice cream he wants to eat with different sizes. Because they have a freezer with hundreds of bottled gelato, making it easier for consumers.

Here there are dozens of flavors of ice cream that you can choose from, and of course this place is a favorite for children. Several flavors such as Butter Coffee, Strawberry Choco, Salted Caramel, Wildberry Very Berry Fried Cookies, Dutch Chocolate and others. Interestingly, there is also a taste of martabak and other snacks.

They also have flavors that are liked by children such as White Rabbit, Magic Unicorn, Stracciatella, Reese’s, Cotton Candy and others.

Vilo Gelato Alam SuteraVilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Ilham, visitors who brought children were also happy when they came to Vilo. Their children are happy because there are many choices of ice cream flavors that are their favorite.

“There are many variations that children like,” said Ilham.

For the price, the smallest size (90 ml) is IDR 35 thousand, the 250 ml size is IDR 75 thousand and the largest size (500 ml) is IDR 135 thousand. And they only serve non-cash payments.

In addition to ice cream, here there are also drinks such as hazelnut latte, coffee milk, milk shakes and others that can accompany you relaxed. They also have a variety of cakes and croissants.

detikcom visited there when the weather was still hot and wanted to taste something fresh and sour. And we decided to taste the Wildberry Very Berry Fried Cookies and Raspeberry Tart. And for drinks we bought Hazelnut Latte.

Vilo Gelato Alam SuteraVilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Well, for a relaxing place, you can choose to be indoor or outdoor. If it’s hot, it’s better to be indoors because there is air conditioning. Inside, it is also aesthetically pleasing to chat or relax with family.

But if you want to be outdoors, they also have benches and bean bags for you which are arranged in such a way. It’s a pretty good place to get together. And also convenient for travelers who bring children.

Other facilities that a traveler can find here include prayer rooms, toilets, Wi-Fi and there is also a parking area. No need to worry about confusion if this is the moment a traveler comes here, because the waiters there are also friendly to serve and explain it to you.

There are also many Instagramable spots for those of you who like to take photos. One of the spots that become the object of many photos is the front or front page of the Vilo.


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