Horror! This woman is terrorized by a food delivery person who wants to meet


Ordering food certainly involves food delivery person. After ordering food online, this woman was constantly harassed by the food delivery guy who insisted on getting acquainted.

Ordering food online involves several parties in it. Starting from customers, restaurants to food delivery men who are responsible for delivering food in one piece.

The relationship between the customer and the food delivery person should be complete when the food is safely received. Giving an in-app rating or even a kind customer giving a tip can also be fun for a food delivery guy.

But this woman had an unpleasant experience. He was constantly terrorized by the food delivery man after ordering breakfast online.

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Ordering food for breakfast online, this woman shares her unpleasant story. Photo: NY Post

Citing the New York Post (22/2), a woman who works as a nurse has just finished her shift for more than 12 hours. Feeling hungry but still not having much time, Justine decides to order food online.

Bought some food from McDonald’s online, Justine used UberEats to deliver her breakfast menu. It turned out to be a message from food delivery personIt didn’t stop until Justine took her order.

Through a TikTok video upload, Justine shared her experience of being terrorized by a food delivery person. Through text messages, the food delivery guy repeatedly asked about Justine’s life and seemed eager to get acquainted.

Justine, who was annoyed, also revealed that her cell phone number could be called many times by the food delivery man with the number of cell phones that kept changing. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to receive the message “I want to sleep first” from the food delivery man.

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Horror!  This woman is terrorized by a food delivery person who wants to meetThe food delivery man who delivered his food didn’t stop terrorizing him and forced him to get acquainted. Photo: NY Post

In her upload Justine displays in full the conversation between herself and the food delivery man. Justine was asked if she was single, had a boyfriend or even married?

Answering the question was enough to make him uncomfortable, Justin chose to lie and said he already had a girlfriend. This is so that the food delivery person stops bothering him. It turned out that Justine’s confession that she was dating was not welcomed.

The food delivery guy still bothered him and he was often caught near Justine’s house. Justine is getting more and more scared because the food delivery guy is getting more and more scary.

Seeing Justine’s TikTok upload, many netizens are also afraid of Justine’s safety. Almost everyone who saw the post advised Justine to report it food delivery person to UberEats or even the authorities so that they are immediately secured.

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