Homecoming Through Garut? These are 5 places to eat delicious Nasi Liwet and Sate Maranggi


Become a popular homecoming route and destination, Garut offers many culinary tourism spots. Several restaurants in the Garut area are even recognized as places worth trying.

The homecoming season has arrived, many Indonesians have started the long journey to return to their hometowns. All toll roads are so crowded with people traveling across cities to across provinces.

It turns out that not only traffic jams, at some points the homecoming route also offers a variety of culinary tours that are a pity to miss. While waiting for the traffic to subside a little, there’s nothing wrong with taking a short trip with your family and filling an empty stomach during a long journey.

One of them is Garut, which is traversed by the Cigatas or Cileunyi-Garut-Tasikmalaya toll roads. This area turns out to have several places to eat which are also suitable for visiting with the family. The atmosphere of the restaurant is good for relaxing until the delicious food will be so satisfying when resting.

Here are 5 places to eat in Garut that must be visited:

Homecoming Through Garut?  These are 5 places to eat delicious Nasi Liwet and Sate MaranggiServing Sundanese specialties, this restaurant has a menu of Nasi Liwet which is its mainstay. Photo: Special

1. Sari Cobek Cangkuang Restaurant

Offering a variety of dining areas ranging from lesehan to gazebos, making RM Sari Cobek Cangkuang suitable to be visited with family. The choice of the dining area allows customers who come to enjoy the moment to eat together or hang out warmly even in the midst of the crowd of the restaurant.

One of his favorite menus is liwet rice which is delicious and tasty. In addition, here customers who come can also enjoy their own fishing time and directly cook the fish with the help of the restaurant to process it.

The portion sizes offered are also deliberately provided with suitable choices to be enjoyed with the family. Start from a two-serving six-serving package or even ten servings at a time. The price of food here is set at IDR 15 thousand so it won’t suffocate your wallet. The location itself is not far from the Cangkuan Temple site, Leles, Garut, West Java.

2. Asep Strawberry Liwet Rice Restaurant

Not using a mixture of strawberries, the name of RM Nasi Liwet Asep Strawberry provides a play area for children and many Instagramable photo spots that can be an opportunity to take pictures with the family. As the name implies, the mainstay menu here is a variety of Sundanese specialties, especially the nasi liwet which is the ‘main star’.

Various servings of nasi liwet are also deliberately provided in various sizes so that customers can choose according to the number of families. Various complementary menus such as free-range chicken, carp, and tilapia are also famous for being delicious and will be even more perfect when combined with the fresh spicy chili sauce.

A package of rice liwet that fills it is priced starting from Rp. 22 thousand only with various choices of side dishes that can be chosen directly by the customer. If you want to stop by and try it, you can go directly to Jl. Otista No.320, Pananjung, Garut, West Java.

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