Home Design Apps for Android Computers and Phones

A neat and beautiful home is everyone’s dream. By getting a house that has a beautiful design, both interior and exterior, it will create comfort and peace for the homeowner.

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Now, home design is not a complicated thing to do. You can even do it through your smartphone. So, here are the types of home design applications that you can use via your smartphone simply to create your dream home.

Free home design app on android phone

1. Home Design 3D

The first application you can use is Home Design 3D. This application can help you determine the design of your home, with the help of features that allow you to see the results of your home design with a real sensation. This is helped by its photorealistic rendering feature

2. Design Home : Real Home Decor

The next application is one of the home design applications that can help you decorate and rearrange the rooms in your home. The features offered by the application can help you rearrange your home furniture.

In addition, this application also has a catalog of furniture in the application, which is available in various brands.

3. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

In the next application, you have been helped with recommendations for ideas, stories, and photos about home design drawings that are now popular and creative. This can help you to create your initial sketch or picture in doing home decoration

4. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator is the next home design application that can really help you in deciding which home design is right for you.

This can happen, because the application contains the 3D Tour Mode feature, which simplifies your design process and creates a real sensation in the design experience.

5. Planner 5D

The next application can help you redesign your home with a 2D and 3D design view. This helps you to be able to edit your design in more detail.

Free home design app for computer

1. Sketchup

Sketchup is one of the free interior design software that you can access through your laptop. This software offers a plugins feature, so you can directly buy things that you are designing yourself.

Of course, this can help effectively use the time needed in the design of the house.

2. Smartdraw

The next application is smartdraw which can help you to create residential maps and interior designs in your home. In addition, this application has a special feature that can create diagrams, which can help you to create a more complete design sensation.

3. Houzz

Houzz is one of the most popular home design applications, this is none other than Houzz which provides approximately 15 million high-quality photos of home design ideas. This can help you choose a design that suits your tastes or preferences.

4. Home Design 3D

Furthermore, this design app can help you to create, renovate, decorate and furnish virtual rooms in the home 3D home design app.

This can certainly help you to create an immediate sensation in decorating and designing your home. This also certainly helps you in deciding the layout of the room that you will use at home.

5. Home Outside

The next application is home outside which can also help you determine the design and layout of your room according to your tastes and desires.

This is assisted by 2-dimensional aerial features that can assist you in designing a 2-dimensional house layout. (OL-1)

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