Hits Destinations in West Sulawesi It’s called Kelapa Tujuh


A visit to Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi, feels incomplete if you don’t visit the tourist attractions. This area, which is designated as the capital of the province of West Sulawesi, has a new tourist area with an instagramable contemporary concept. Of course, it offers a natural panorama that spoils the eyes.

This tourist area is named Kelapa Tujuh Café and Villa, which is located on Jalan Anjoro Pitu, Rimuku Village, Mamuju District. Opened a month ago, this tourist area, which is only a few kilometers from the city center of Mamuju, is starting to get the attention of visitors.

During the day, visitors to this tourist spot are pampered by the beauty of the natural panorama of the blue sea, and Karampuang Island as one of the icons of Mamuju Regency which is clearly visible from a height.

It’s no less beautiful when the sun goes down. Visitors can see the beauty of the sunset, making the sky turn golden red. The twinkling city lights at night also look stunning, as if to complement the beauty of the panorama in this place.

Kelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West Sulawesi Photo: (Abdy Febriady/detikcom)

The tourist area is equipped with a number of attractive and instagramable photo spots, and is arranged with a contemporary concept. The existence of a number of colorful cone-shaped buildings, completes the beauty that attracts visitors to this place.

The manager of the Kelapa Tujuh tourist area, Ronald admitted that the concept he applied was obtained when studying abroad.

“Initially we were inspired from outside the city, because we also studied abroad, abroad too, so we took the concept from there,” said Ronal to reporters, Friday night (11/02/2022).

Kelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West SulawesiKelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West Sulawesi Photo: (Abdy Febriady/detikcom)

Moreover, according to him, the tourist area he manages is in a strategic position, and offers a specific natural panorama.

“As long as there is a location with a good view, it is applied here. The most specific is the view to the city, to Karampuang Island, it is very nice. During the day the view of the sea, the island, the city lights at night,” continued this bespectacled youth.

In addition, Nando also said that he was preparing the construction of a number of additional facilities, to provide comfort and complement the beauty of this Kelapa Tujuh tourist spot.

“Our plan is to rebuild a number of facilities, including a swimming pool. Because it’s new, we’ll just take it a step at a time,” concluded the 21-year-old youth.

In this place, the manager also prepares a variety of contemporary food and drink menus, which visitors can enjoy at affordable prices.

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