Hiiii scary… There’s a Gendruwo Gang in Yogyakarta

Kulon Progo

There is an alley in Kedungbanteng Hamlet, Kalurahan Temon Kulon, Kapanewon Temon, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. The name of the small unpaved road is Gang Gendruwo.

The ghost name for the little alley is not just a nickname. At the end of the alley, there is a signboard that reads Gang Gendruwo.

The blue board is about 2 meters high. There is an inscription ‘Gang Gendruwo’ which is complemented by writing in Javanese script.

There are almost no houses along this alley. As far as the eye could see, there was only one house, that too had been empty for a long time.

The name gendruwo or genderuwo pinned on this alley refers to the figure of a ghost in the form of a half-ape human, big, black and red-eyed. This figure is a type of ghost whose prestige is not inferior to pocong or kuntilanak.

The head of Kedung Banteng Hamlet, Heri Purwanto, said that the name gendruwo for this alley has its own story. He explained, many residents often experience mystical events, some even claim to have been shown a gendruwo figure around the location.

Signboard to Gang Gendruwo, Temon, Kulon Progo, Sunday (6/11/2022). (Jalu Rahman Dewantara/detikJateng)

The incident that took place decades ago has become an open secret that continues to be discussed across generations in Kedung Banteng. The strong mystical narrative related to this alley made residents take the initiative to name it as Gendruwo.

“The name Gang Gendruwo has been around for a very long time, even when I was a teenager. So why was it named like that because in the past many people had unreasonable incidents around it, then the elders also told stories that around the alley there were often people like that (gendruwo). ),” said Heri when met at his home, Sunday (6/11/2022).

“So from there, finally, the young people of my era around the 1980s, called it Gang Gendruwo, and continued until now,” he added.

Heri said the horror stories surrounding this place made Gang Gendruwo known to the wider community. In fact, many are more familiar with the alley than the name Dusun Kedungbanteng.

“In fact, this alley is more famous than the name of the hamlet. Often, outsiders who want to come here must ask, Dusun Banteng is the same as Gang Gendruwo, right? Even though this alley is in the hamlet area,” he said then chuckled.

This made the residents agree to make a road sign with the name Gang Gendruwo. In the process, the residents represented by the hamlet asked for approval to make the nameplate from the Temon Kulon Village Government.

“For the board, previously there was discussion from the residents, then we have also asked the village government for permission,” said Heri.

Even though there is a mystical spice that surrounds this alley, Heri asks the public to be wise in responding to it. People do not need to be afraid when passing through this alley, because the strange events that are widely discussed are stories from the past.

“We urge you to remain calm, because the story is old, now it can be confirmed that it is safe,” he said.

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