Hidden Gem of East Indonesia, Beautiful Snorkeling-Diving Spot in Tanimbar

Tanimbar Islands

The natural exoticism of Eastern Indonesia is widely known by tourists, not only local but also foreign. However, the beauty of tourism in the Tanimbar Islands is still a hidden gem that has a myriad of potential to be developed.

The Head of the Tanimbar Islands Regency Tourism Office, Maria Retty Batlayeri, revealed that Tanimbar as one of the border areas of Indonesia has a lot of tourism potential. Be it natural tourism, cultural tourism, or artificial tourism.

Not inferior to Raja Ampat in Papua, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, or the Kei Islands in Maluku, the charm of the sea in the Tanimbar Islands also has its own charm. Moreover, you can enjoy the coast and the sea for snorkeling and diving.

Retty said that one of the plans from mapping the development of the Tanimbar Islands Tourism Office this year was focused on Matakus Island. According to him, this destination has the potential to become a diving spot for local and foreign tourists.

Beautiful Snorkeling-Diving Spot in Tanimbar Photo: Doc. Instagram/disparkantanimbar

Even in the long term, according to him, tourism in the Tanimbar Islands, especially Matakus Island, can be as popular as tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo, NTT.

“Matakus Island is rich in natural tourism, beach tourism, coral reefs are also good and the diving spots are also good. Culture and creative economy are also there. We hope (develop) Matakus Island,” said Retty to detikcom.

This hidden paradise on Matakus Island has a view of white sand that spoils the eyes. As well as clear blue water like crystals and beautiful coral reefs, making it suitable as a snorkeling or diving spot for water sports lovers.

Although the public facilities available are still quite limited, the beauty of Matakus Island is said to be able to refresh the soul and mind. Moreover, this area is predicted to be the right destination for those of you who need healing.

Abundant natural resources also make tourists can experience fishing on Matakus Island. And enjoy eating fresh fish from the sea there.

Beautiful Snorkeling-Diving Spots in TanimbarBeautiful Snorkeling-Diving Spot in Tanimbar Photo: Doc. Instagram/disparkantanimbar

To reach this tourist destination in South Tanimbar District, tourists need to go through a complete package tour with land, air, and sea transportation. If you start your journey from Jakarta, then you need to take a plane to Pattimura Airport Ambon, Maluku first. Then continue the flight with a small ATR plane for 1.5 hours to Mathilda Batlayeri Airport located in Saumlaki, the capital of the Tanimbar Islands.

The journey continues to Saumlaki Harbor by land, and then continues to Matakus Island by sea. To get to Matakus Island, visitors can cross by speed boat with a distance of approximately 1 hour, or rent a wooden boat with a longer duration of travel.

Even though you have to go through a long journey, this one destination can be a solace for tiredness. And it is a must-try option if you want to explore the various beauties of the Tanimbar Islands.

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