Hi Seram! This Woman Cooks Rica-rica Snake and Says It Tastes Good


Snakes are dangerous reptiles and are not commonly used as food. But a woman from West Kalimantan actually cooks snakes with rica-rica spices.

Just looking at the snake is already making goosebumps. Its spooky appearance with scaly skin makes anyone reluctant to touch it, let alone eat its flesh.

But a woman from West Kalimantan actually showed a video where she was engrossed in cooking snakes with the addition of rica-rica seasoning. He uploaded the video via TikTok @kakvy and immediately got a lot of netizen comments.

This Woman Cooks Rica-rica Snake Photo: TikTok @kakvy

This woman named Devy Wahyuni ​​shows two pieces of the snake’s body that have been cleaned. The snake’s stomach is empty but the skin and scales are still clearly visible.

The first Devy prepares spices, starting from shallots, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass to chilies. All spices are mashed and then sauteed until cooked. He also added basil leaves to this dish.

Then he put in the snake meat that had been cut into pieces and boiled. Rica-rica snake is then cooked until cooked and then eaten warm with white rice.

Netizens who saw this woman’s cooking action immediately threw various comments. The video, which was uploaded on April 22, 2022, has been viewed more than 11 million times and received 18,000 comments.

“My expression was blank from beginning to end,” said netizens.

“I have a phobia of snakes. Just imagining the skin is already afraid of him appearing,” said another netizen.

“I’m a native Dayak, I’d rather eat salt and give water and rice instead of this,” said a netizen who is also a Dayak.

“Kalimantan is used to eating this.. it’s sold freely too.. I used to often eat fried snakes, it’s delicious,” I am a netizen who has also eaten snake meat.

This Woman Cooks Rica-rica SnakeThis Woman Cooks Rica-rica Snake Photo: TikTok @kakvy

When confirmed by Detikcom (28/4), Devy, who lives in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, said he got this snake from his brother. The snake is also clean and has been cut into pieces.

“I rarely eat this too. I just happened to give it to my friend and it was cut into pieces. It tastes like chicken,” said Devy.

He also explained that what he ate was a type of rice field snake. Apart from being delicious, he also said that snake meat is eaten as a medicine for skin diseases.

“If it’s other types, maybe I don’t dare. This rice field snake is still okay. But if it’s a cobra, especially a red yellow green snake, I’m not first,” he continued.

Devy admitted that he had a skin disease before. After eating snake meat, his skin disease was cured. Whereas previously he had also tried various types of drugs but did not improve.

Besides being cooked with rica-rica spices, Devy also often processes it into fried snakes. According to him, it tastes good and the meat is similar to chicken meat and is not fishy at all.

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