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Here’s How the “In-Room Chat” Feature at the Clubhouse Works

Audio-based social MEDIA Clubhouse released the In-Room Chat feature, which can be used starting today for all iOS and Android users.

Quoted from an official statement on Monday, this feature allows Clubhouse users, from moderators to listeners, to communicate with each other via text/chat during the room.

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“With this new feature, you can now participate in a chat without the pressure of having to go on stage first, and freely comment or respond with emojis,” said Clubhouse.

For creators, this In-Room Chat feature provides a new way of communicating with the audience who is currently joining their room and at the same time they can also get an immediate response.

“With this feature, Clubhouse hopes that Clubhousers can easily do poll and receive questions from the audience so that the discussion sessions become more interactive,” said the platform.

There is also how this feature works. First, the creator is in control. The creator/creator will always have complete control over the features chat as the room progresses, and can also decide whether this feature is enabled or not when they start the room via room composer.

Creators can also delete any messages during the room or after the room ends and can turn off the feature chat in the room at any time during the room.

Furthermore, Text can be deleted if there is a typo. If you sent a message and want to delete it, you can delete the message yourself during the room or after the room ends.

Moderators can also change settings. You can appoint a moderator to help keep the room conducive. These moderators can also delete annoying messages.

You can report chats that violate Clubhouse guidelines. If someone violates the Clubhouse guidelines while using this In-room Chat feature, then you can report it immediately, by long-pressing on their name and clicking report or report. Then, you can also long press to block it.

Join the chat after the room is finished. This feature will also appear when someone listens to the room’s Replays.

If this chat feature is enabled, everyone will see this feature icon at the bottom left of their screen (next to the Share and Clips icons). You can start a chat and you can also press this icon or swipe right to access the chat and comment on what’s going on in the room.

Not only that, you’ll also see the number of messages next to the chat icon and a red dot will appear when there’s a new comment that you haven’t read. (Ant/OL-6)