Here are the Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication

Changes in the all-digital lifestyle occur along with the development of technology. The presence of the internet and mobile phones makes the world seem to be in one hand. This situation makes people have to understand the importance of digital security.

In digital security, the public must protect confidential personal data. In addition to creating strong password combinations, implementing two-factor or multifactor authentication (2FA) increases security.
“Having a strong password is essential to protecting data. In addition, you also need to take further steps by implementing two-factor or multi-factor (2FA) authentication,” said Senior Holistic Solution Consultant, Head of RTIK Mojopahit Mojokerto, Abdul Rachman in Kediri, East Java, Tuesday (5/7).

2FA requires multiple credentials, making it much more difficult for attackers to gain access to digital media user accounts. Activation requires a password, a token (Google Authenticator, Authy, Okta, RSA, etc.), a verification code sent to a cellphone/OTP, to something that can identify a user such as a fingerprint or face (biometrics). (OL-12)

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