Helping High School Graduates Get Jobs, Jobseeker App Launched

A company providing services and solutions for technology-based employment, Jobseeker Company launched the Jobseeker App application, a recruitment platform with a social media format that makes it easier for junior high school graduates and other secondary education levels in Indonesia to get jobs according to their skills and experience.

Chairman & CEO of Jobseeker Company Chandra Ming is optimistic that the Jobseeker App can become a comprehensive solution for job seekers in Indonesia.

“I think this can be said to be the first Social Recruitment Platform for job seekers in Indonesia. Download the Jobseeker App application through the Play Store, and enjoy the convenience of the features that we present in getting a job as well as the opportunity for job seekers to be offered jobs from various companies, because the connectivity and ecosystem that we have created makes this possible,” Chandra explained in his statement.

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The mainstay feature offered by the Jobseeker App is a video resume which is presented as a new way for job seekers to send CVs in the form of videos that tell their experiences and expertise.

In 2023, Chandra added, his party is optimistic that it will be able to win the market in Indonesia with a focus on helping 75 million people in the work force who graduated from high school in Indonesia to be able to get work opportunities, work with the passion to create a better quality of life.

“We focus on making it easier for the workforce in Indonesia (especially blue, pink and gray collar workers) to get jobs that match their skills and experience in a short time, all for the Indonesian people, because everyone can get a job,” said Chandra. (RO/OL-7)

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