He said, this is the most delicious satay in Singapore


Traveling doesn’t feel right if you don’t hunt for local cuisine. When you come to Singapore, try eating satay at Satay Street Singapore this.

One of the famous culinary spots in Singapore is Lau Pa Sat. Here you can find many typical foods from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey and others, both halal and non-halal, you know.

One of the attractions of Lau Pa Sat is Satay Street. Yep, as the name implies, along here you will find a line of satay stalls with a tantalizing aroma.

Some time ago detikcom came to Singapore and visited Lau Pa Sat. While walking around, we saw a satay stall showing off its appreciation and on display beside the shop.

Best Satay at Satay Street Singapore Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

This shop is named Best Satay which is located on stalls number 7 and 8. The awards they have received include the Singapore Food Map and Tripadvisor Travelers Choice 2020.

We are also interested in trying. The satay they sell here are chicken satay, prawn satay, tripe satay, beef satay and goat satay.

We were lucky to meet the owner of the Best Satay shop. His name is Ainun, he has been selling for almost 20 years there.

“This award is given by customers, yes, they provide feedback on Tripadvisor until finally many people come here and even shoot videos. The favorites here are chicken, beef and shrimp satays,” said Ainun.

Best Satay on Satay Street SingaporeAinun, owner of Best Satay on Satay Street, Singapore Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Ainun also added that the shop’s opening hours are 6 pm on weekdays and close at midnight.

“On weekdays at 6 pm we are already here, but only serve at 7 o’clock. On weekends at 5 we have turned on the fire. For closing hours on weekdays at 12 pm and weekends at 01.30 am,” he explained.

Travelers are curious about the price of the satay, right? Each skewer is 80 cents (around Rp. 8,500) and you can mix what kind of satay you want to buy. They also provide packages with prices starting from S$28 (around Rp. 298 thousand) which contain 28 skewers complete with ketupat.

The sauce used here is peanut sauce. detik.com also tasted this satay and our favorite is the chicken and shrimp satay. The peanut sauce is also delicious and the seasoning is delicious. For the meat, the satay is also soft and the spices seep into the meat, and the prawns are also quite large.

Well, maybe this can be your culinary recommendation in Singapore.


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