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Have a peek! Like this is the process of making chocolate with sophisticated machines at the factory


Many chocolate products are mass-produced in factories. This process involves a lot of raw materials, long processing techniques and uses advanced machines.

For fans of chocolate, of course, no stranger to the variety of chocolate products on the market. Variants of dark chocolate, milk chocolate or chocolate with a mixture of nuts and raisins can be easily found in the market.

Chocolate like this is mass produced in factories that apply advanced technology. Reporting from Interesting Engineering (2/3) a chocolate factory in Turkey demonstrates the processing of chocolate from seeds to delicious chocolate products that are ready to be consumed.

Every step of the chocolate making process involves state-of-the-art machinery. So that all the chocolate produced has the same quality.

Here are some steps for processing chocolate at the factory:

1. Chocolate making process

Chocolate making in factory Photo: Interesting Engineering

The first step to process this chocolate is to roast the cocoa beans until they are brown in color. Cocoa beans that have been roasted are then cut into small pieces, this part is known as chocolate nibs.

Nibs are then reprocessed into cocoa mass or cocoa powder. When the raw materials are ready, it’s time to process various chocolate flavors.

For this type of milk chocolate, it is made in a tool in the form of a large barrel which is used to mix liquid milk, powdered milk and chocolate. Inside this machine there is a large stirrer that ensures the entire composition can be mixed evenly.

In this process it is also often mixed with sugar and other ingredients. Everything is stirred until the desired texture, taste, and color are achieved. For the peanut chocolate variant, the process is carried out using this mixer.

2. Chocolate molding process

After the chocolate is mixed well, the next process is to print the chocolate. The chocolate, whose texture is still thick, is poured slowly on the prepared money printing machine. This process also involves large and sophisticated tools.

Liquid chocolate that has been prepared is poured into a special container on the machine that is ready to be poured back into the mold. These rows of chocolate molds are then fed into a vibrating machine. The goal is to flatten the chocolate and remove any air trapped in the chocolate liquid.

The shape and size of these chocolate molds vary according to the product produced by the factory. After the mold is filled, the chocolate is put into the refrigerator to make the chocolate solid and hardened.

Chocolate making in factoryChocolate making in factory Photo: Interesting Engineering

3. Chocolate packaging process

Using a conveyor belt machine, the chocolate that has been removed from the mold is then packaged. At several points along the conveyor, there are digital sensors that count and check the consistency and quality of each piece of chocolate.

Here, too, workers select chocolate at random as a quality check stage. After passing this stage, the chocolate pieces are fed into another machine for labeling and packaging processes.

Once wrapped, each chocolate is then directed to a special line to be collected in a container. These containers are then put in for outer packaging and quality control is carried out.

The chocolate is ready to be distributed to shops and supermarkets for sale. During this distribution process, it should not be careless because chocolate is very sensitive to heat and its soft texture also spoils quickly if not handled properly.

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