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Has a Bitter Taste, This is a Rare Corbezzolo Honey from Italy


Almost everyone thinks honey has a sweet taste, even though there is honey that tastes very bitter. This rare honey from Italy named Corbezzolo is also priced at an expensive price.

It tastes sweet and has complete nutritional content, making honey often classified as a superfood. Honey can also be added to drinks or food because it tastes good.

But it turns out that not all types of honey have a legit sweet taste. There is honey that tastes sour and even very bitter. One of them is corbezzolo honey, which is a rare honey that tastes bitter.

A Rare Corbezzolo Honey from Italy Photo: Odditty Central

Reporting from Oddity Central (8/3) Corbezzolo honey is a unique type of honey that is famous for its taste unlike ordinary honey. This honey tastes super bitter but has a myriad of nutrients that are nutritious for health.

This honey is produced in Italy, precisely in Sardinia. There is some historical evidence in the form of ancient records that tell about this bitter honey from Sardinia. This ancient record mentions the contrasting taste of Sardinian honey and sweet honey from the Hyblean Mountains.

Not only famous for its bitter taste, this honey also contains vitamins and minerals. Corbezzolo honey also has anti-inflammatory properties. Since hundreds of years ago, this honey has been used as a cough medicine and a medicine that is consumed to make sleep better.

Corbezzolo honey is obtained from corbezzolo flowers that grow on bushes. This is a type of honey that is difficult to make because the presence of corbezzolo flowers is very limited. This flower requires special weather conditions to grow and develop.

In addition, corbezzolo flowers also have a slightly bud shape at the end, making it difficult for bees to take flower nectar. When the rainy season arrives, the corbezzolo flowers will not bloom, and the bees are reluctant to leave the hive. This is the reason why Corbezzolo honey is so rare and limited. Even this honey is considered the rarest and most valuable in the world.

Corbezzolo honey has a complex flavor profile. Those who have tasted it will feel a sharp bitter sensation and acid like vinegar. Some people also say the aroma is similar to pine tree sap, smells like coffee and even has a distinctive smokey aroma.

Because of this variety of tastes, many people don’t like Corbezzolo honey. Moreover, this honey has a stinging bitter taste.

A Rare Corbezzolo Honey from ItalyCorbezzolo flower tree in Italy Photo: Odditty Central

It is not known why corbezzolo honey has a bitter taste. Some people think that this bitter taste is related to the arbutin glycoside content contained in corbezzolo flowers.

To get around the bitter taste, people usually eat this honey with other foods such as cheese or a mixture in desserts. This honey is also often mixed to enjoy a cup of espresso.

In the market, this honey is priced at $32 or around Rp. 460 thousand for a 200 gram package. But the supply of this honey is not always a lot. Sardinians are very proud of this Corbezzolo honey. They consider this honey part of traditional culture.

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