Haji Dry Noodles are Safe, Halal Culinary and Comfortable in Singkawang


It’s quite easy to find halal food in Singkawang. One of the choices is at Bakmi Dry Haji Aman. Delicious and comfortable on the stomach. Curious?

Who says it’s hard to find halal food in Singkawang? There are many options available. If it’s noodles, it’s clear that travelers should try Haji Aman’s Dry Noodles.

Haji Aman’s dry noodle stall is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Sedau Singkawang. The location is easy to find because it is on the side of the road. The building consists of 2 floors with yellow and orange paint.

Atmosphere of the moment detikTravel visited quite a lot. No wonder because it coincided with the Chinese New Year and approaching Cap Go Meh. We immediately ordered dry chicken noodles.

In addition to dry noodles, there are also boiled chicken noodles, special noodles, beef noodles, beef meatballs, and Tom Yum muscle meatballs. The price ranges from IDR 16,000 to IDR 30,000 per portion.

Hajj Safe Dried Noodles Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

It didn’t take long for our order to arrive. In a serving of dry noodles, consisting of noodles, chicken pieces, sliced ​​omelettes and a sprinkling of scallions.

A portion of Haji Aman’s dry noodles comes with the soup plus the meatballs. Quite cheap when compared to the abundant filling. In terms of taste, this noodle is really a winner.

The combination of various textures eaten with the sauce creates a combination that is very comfortable, both in the mouth and stomach. Delicious!

Safe Hajj Dried NoodlesHajj Safe Dried Noodles Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The Mayor of Singkawang, Tjhai Chui Mie himself recommended Muslim tourists to try the Haji Aman Dry Noodles.

“My favorite is Bakmi. We have Bakmi Haji Aman which is delicious, which is halal,” said the first female mayor in Singkawang.

Regarding the name, this noodle shop comes from the name of the owner, namely Haji Aman. His real name is Herman, a citizen of Chinese descent who converted to Islam 28 years ago.

Muslim travelers can try it when on vacation to Singkawang. This noodle shop is open every day from 08.00 am to 21.00 pm.

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