Great, in Garut there is a village that has a coffee place as cool as this!


In Garut, there is a village that has a new and popular coffee shop. The area is open and surrounded by pine forests. Great for healing if you visit the dodol city.

The location of this coffee shop is in the Ciwangi Village area, Balubur Limbangan District, Garut Regency, West Java. The location is on the main Bandung-Tasik route, Limbangan. Quite far from the city center. However, very close from the Nagreg area.

This coffee shop is called Kafe de’Jati Wangi. When you come here, the fresh air typical of the mountains immediately welcomes you. The cold air, the smell of green grass and the beautiful environment immediately calms the mind.

This coffee shop has an open nature concept. Visitors who come enjoy simple hot or cold coffee on wooden chairs and tables scattered in the courtyard.

The menu provided is simple food. Such as, coffee milk, instant noodles, bakwan to fried rice. With an average price of under Rp. 20 thousand per menu. However, the beautiful place makes the food taste special on the tongue.

De’Jati Wangi Cafe in Garut Photo: Hakim Ghani/detikcom

The main building, made of container material, is a great place to take selfies. The panorama of the chandeliers that surround the location makes the scenery even more beautiful, especially at night.

This place is known to be managed by the local village. They work with developers to make the potential of their village more visible with a coffee shop.

“The idea is because we see the potential of coffee as a necessity for the community,” said Cecep, the manager of de’Jati Wangi.

Opened about 2 weeks ago, Kafe de’Jati Wangi began to be invaded by young people to the elderly in the northern Garut area. Not only that, many residents from the urban center of Garut to outside the city also come to this place.

“We look at the segment more for families, not only for young people. Of course, our hopes are all coming,” he said.

Ciwangi village itself plans to develop the place. They will focus on developing tourism in their village. In addition to a great coffee shop, they also plan to build homestayopen meeting places, to religious tourism.

“For development, we will create a meeting room, then there will be educational tours. Third, there will be a playing ground. Apart from that, parents can heal, children can play comfortably,” he said.

Ciwangi Village is known to have a program entitled Ciwangi Heaven. Where, they maximize the potential of the existing village by turning it into a tourist spot. The goal, the local community economy can be lifted.

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