Grandpa Bodo Waterfall in Pasuruan, Its Name is Taken from the Sakti Hermit


Pasuruan has a beautiful waterfall with a unique name, Grandpa Bodo Waterfall. The name of this destination is taken from a magic hermit. How’s the story?

Not only does it have stunning beauty, the Grandpa Bodo waterfall also has a number of unique stories behind it. As the name implies, Grandpa Bodo is a grandfather who works hard. He works for a Dutch family.

One day, for some reason the grandfather asked permission to stop working and went to meditate near a waterfall. It is believed, the purpose of the grandfather of the imprisoned is to ask for supernatural powers. This magic is used to help local residents who are experiencing difficulties.

The Dutch family initially allowed the grandfather to leave. However, they also wondered why the grandfather left all the facilities that were quite comfortable.

Out of curiosity and wanting to hear about his grandfather, the Dutch family came to the grandfather and persuaded him to want to work again in their family. But unexpectedly, the grandfather refused to return to work.

Suddenly, a string of swear words ‘dumb grandfather’ came out of the mouth of the Dutch family. This is said to be the origin of the name of the Grandpa Bodo waterfall.

This waterfall with a height of 40 meters comes from the Kaligetik River flow. The exact location is on the northern slope of Mount Welirang, Tretes, Prigen, Pasuruan Regency.

Not only is the story timeless, the grandfather’s body is also buried in the waterfall area. When visiting this waterfall, before arriving at the waterfall, visitors will see a building that is believed to be the tomb of Grandpa Bodo.

The building is square in shape and has a pyramid-shaped roof. Eits, don’t just enter the tomb, yes, not just anyone can enter this tomb.

Grandpa Bodo Waterfall Photo: (Muhajir Arifin/detikcom)

Grandpa Bodo Waterfall has three entrances, namely through Jawi Temple, behind the Surya Hotel, and can be accessed from the path near Prigen Safari Park 2.

This waterfall is located in the Tretes area which is famous for its cold weather. If you want to visit this waterfall, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and a jacket.


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