Gordon Ramsay Usually Criticizes Cuisine, This Time His Roast Beef Is Rigged!


Gordon Ramsay used to criticize other people’s cooking with harsh sentences. This time the food at the restaurant was criticized by netizens. Processed grilled meat is called charred until it looks like charcoal!

British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay is worldwide because of his cooking skills as well as his interesting personality. How come? This 55-year-old chef does not hesitate to give harsh criticism to ridicule other people’s cooking, especially the participants in a cooking competition where he is a judge.

His figure never escapes the attention of netizens, especially when he shows his culinary works. Like when this father of 5 children promoted lamb cutlets at his restaurant.

quote Daily Mail (26/2/2022), Ramsay showing off the lamb cutlets on Twitter. “Herdwick lamb cutlets at Lucky Cat… delicious!!” he wrote. Lucky Cat is his Pan-Asian restaurant located at 10 Grosvenor Square, London.

Gordon Ramsay promotes grilled meat dishes at his restaurant. Photo: Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter

In the uploaded photo, you can see two pieces of grilled meat placed on a Japanese ceramic container. There is also smoke which describes how ‘fresh’ the roast lamb is because it is freshly cooked.

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Instead of drooling or praising the appearance of the restaurant menu Gordon Ramsay that, many netizens even mocked him. They are ‘misfocused’ with the appearance of grilled meat that is too burnt.

“Is the meat edible? Or is it actually a lump of charcoal?” said one netizen. “Why does meat always have to be served completely raw or very burnt to look crispy?” said another netizen.

Not a few also highlighted the grilled meat serving container. They call it looks like a mini toilet to an ashtray, moreover there is smoke that accompanies it.

Netizens commented on the grilled meat serving dish at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant which looks like an ashtrayNetizens commented on the grilled meat serving container at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant which is similar to an ashtray. Photo: Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter

Looking at Lucky Cat’s menu list, the name for this roast lamb menu is Spiced Herdwick Lamb Chops. In the description, this menu is served with chili sauce and cream of tofu. The price is not cheap, 25 pounds sterling or around Rp. 480 thousand.

This is not the first time the restaurant menu Gordon Ramsay criticized. Previously, fish and chips made by River Restaurant By Gordon Ramsay in London were also in the spotlight.

Because the menu doesn’t look that big. Fish and chips served with processed peas and lemon wedges. A portion with fries is priced at $ 40 – $ 42 or around Rp. 500 thousand.

Warganet commented that the menu was too small, not worth the hefty price. “That price for a plate of fish? I can eat for a week,” commented one netizen.

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