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Gordon Ramsay Almost Decided To Be Vegan After Consuming This Food


Gordon Ramsay revealed that he almost became a vegan because he ate the delicious Asian-style cauliflower. Is it that delicious?

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef whose expertise is unquestionable. He has served as a judge on the well-known cooking events MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen. This American chef also owns several restaurants.

Chef Gordon Ramsay He is also active on his social media. He often creates content on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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Not long ago he also uploaded one of his favorite recipe videos on his Instagram account. The video contains processed cauliflower with his favorite Asian-style spices.

This Cauliflower Process Makes Chef Gordon Ramsay Almost Vegan Photo: Instagram & YouTube Gordon Ramsay

“I love spicy! But will this delicious dish make me vegan for a while? My cauliflower bang bang recipe! Watch this now!” he said in a video upload on Instagram.

This cauliflower recipe is one of Gordon Ramsay’s creations that was made in no time. He usually uploads these practical food creations to Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel.

The cauliflower is roasted at a high temperature, then given a variety of Asian spices. “Something happens to cauliflower when you fry or bake it at a high temperature. It tastes sweet and spicy because it caramelized,” said Ramsay.

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This cauliflower-infused sauce is inspired by the bang bang sauce found in almost all Chinese restaurants in the United States. “Bang bang sauce is traditionally a mixture of mayonnaise, sriracha, chili sauce and honey,” says Gordon Ramsay.

This Cauliflower Process Makes Chef Gordon Ramsay Almost VeganThis Cauliflower Process Makes Chef Gordon Ramsay Almost Vegan Photo: Instagram & YouTube Gordon Ramsay

But in artificial creation Gordon Ramsay, he uses maple syrup or agave instead of honey. Ramsay also does not use mayonnaise.

The delicious taste of cauliflower almost made Gordon Ramsay forget the delicious taste of meat. This made him want to be vegan, but he didn’t really do it.

“LOL being vegan only for a while, I love it,” commented netizen.

“Looks good. But being vegan for a minute, I agree,” said another netizen.

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