Google reminiscing with an old phone

Google has just released a new set of emojis that invites smartphone users to reminisce about the old-school cellphone atmosphere when all types of writing were still in black and white.

The inspiration for bringing back the emoji was inspired when communication was still very simple and there were only 176 emoji choices at that time.

Launching XDA Developers, Tuesday, this condition is certainly in stark contrast to today’s times through the many choices of communication options and also the emoji set which has now reached 3,633 types based on the Unicode Standard in September 2021.

To make it feel even more real, Google introduced the black and white emoji using the Noto Emoji Color fonts but omitted the color.

This is a challenge for Google so that there are no problems caused when the colors from the existing emoji are removed so as not to cause wrong perceptions.

Although taking the existing emoji set, but to reduce the color and only maintain the lines it seems that Google needs extra work.

For example, like an emoji that shows a human character, then Google finally chose to make a “blob” emoji that looks like a cloud.

For those of you who miss the days when old-school cellphones were victorious, maybe you can download these emojis on your favorite electronic device via Google Fonts.

Google Noto Emoji Font is an open source typeface that can meet the emoji needs of users of electronic devices, including more than 3000 fonts that have been registered with the Unicode Standard, as quoted from the XDA forum on Tuesday (3/5). (Ant/OL-12)

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