Google Introduces Android 13 with Limited Storage Memory

Google introduced Android 13 (Go Edition) as the latest operating system (OS) for phones with limited storage memory.

Director of Product Android Charmaine D’Silva through a post on the official blog stated, “Along with the announcement of the presence of Android 13 (Go Edition), we are also making new history with 250 million monthly active users who take advantage of Android Go.”

“So to increase user growth, we focused on developing three qualities, namely reliability, usability, and customization,” Charmaine said on Thursday.

The first update brought in Android 13 (Go Edition) is that users can easily receive software updates outside of the main Android release.

This way users can easily get important product updates without having to compromise with their limited storage memory.

In addition, this operating system helps users to explore interesting content with the “Discover” feature which can be obtained simply by swiping the screen to the right from the main page so that users can easily get content that has been curated by the Android 13 smart system ( Go Edition).

In terms of customization, Google is also preparing a customization experience for Android 13 (Go Edition) users like on ordinary Android phones.

Users can take advantage of the “Material You” feature and customize or customize the color theme for the phone according to the installed wallpaper. “In addition to making the main screen look beautiful, this customization also provides dynamic coloring that allows users to feel more unique when using their cellphone,” said Charmaine.

The new devices will be released using Android 13 (Go Edition) in 2023.

Android (Go Edition) is a special operating system developed by Google for phones with limited storage memory.

This operating system has been around for five years and has reached hundreds of millions of users so that they can still experience the performance of the latest operating system made by Google with a lighter work system. (Ant/OL-12)

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