Go to Bandung, stop at the Legendary Mi Shake Cepay


Mi shake is one of Bandung’s culinary delights that travelers are looking for. One of the popular noodle shake locations in Bandung is Mi Beat Cepay. What’s so special about it?

There are two Mi Beat Cepay shops that you can visit, namely at GOR Pajajaran and on Jalan Samiaji. It is Mamat Rohman, the second generation successor who is now continuing his father’s business. Mamat Rohman sells at GOR Pajajaran, while the shop on Jalan Samiaji is guarded by his eldest son Risna (33) and his wife.

“It’s been a long time selling, about 40 years and opening two outlets with the one here. Thank God, although I’m not sure, but both are crowded,” said Risna.

Mi Shake Cepay, one of the legendary shake noodles in Bandung. Photo: Anindyadevi Aurelia

If you order a noodle shake here, a traveler will be treated to a combination of yellow noodles, bean sprouts, beef kikil, doused in hot beef broth. If you want to use white rice, it is provided separately wrapped in banana leaves.

Once you take a bite, you will be spoiled with a clashing taste, even more delicious with crackers. Until the last bite, you will feel the gravy is still warm. The warmth of the gravy lasts longer, because it is cooked using charcoal.

“The difference is with other shaken noodles, we cook it using charcoal,” said Risna.

Mi Shake is arguably the most legendary in Bandung. In addition to serving buyers with small portions, this noodle shake is also famous for being able to be ordered for various large events and even weddings.


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